Cool Vocoders!

By Bokkiebeh Bokkiebeh
updated 3 months ago

This is a list where I put up classic tunes (mostly old-school and some new-school), with cool Vocoders / Talkbox / Speak 'N' Spell or Pitch-Shift vocals in it. I love those Electric-Boogie tunes or O.S Hip Hop and Funk tunes that used these instruments. For those who use this list, a handy tool to find vocoder tunes you might not have heard yet.

Big shout out to Leon aka Funk_Wid_It (don't forget to check his Ultimate Vocoder list that contains even more genres with vocoders!)

Big THNX to Encarnita who introduced me to alot of those UNKNOWN vocoder classics!

  1. 3070 - Vision

    12 For Sale from $5.00

    Intro to "Vision"

  2. A-1 (4) - Blue Monday

    13 For Sale from $2.68

    Formel 1!

  3. Air Force - Air Force

    4 For Sale from $143.67

    Life On Mars

  4. Alien Starr - World Of Ecstasy

    1 For Sale from $300.00


  5. Ambassadors Of Funk - Monster Jam

    38 For Sale from $1.99

    Ambassadors Of Funk