Covers: Circles

A few thoughts:
My original idea for this list was based on the incredibly ubiquitous presence of large, centered circles on LP covers and how this was both significant and (sometimes) boring, at least conceptually. On further exploration, it is becoming clear how elegant a solution it really is. As a painting teacher once said, a square canvas is a very difficult starting point. It is, by nature, static, always pulling one's eye to the center and forcing equilibrium and symmetry in place of variation and dynamic composition. Sure, the window you look through doesn't affect what's on the other side, but its shape does affect how you see that. The "negative space," the shapes created around and between the primary image(s) and the frame, have an important role in how we feel about the picture; just ask any photographer.
So, I think, a circle seems to be an acknowledgement of this problem and, hopefully a way of breaking the stranglehold of the square. And, of course, it is a shape we have a visceral response with, reminding us not only of the record inside the jacket, but also the sun, moon, earth and the Aristotelean ideal that exists in our brain but is (nearly) impossible to make into that real perfect circle.

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