Czechoslovak Rock On Vinyl Records [4290]

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Československý rock na gramofonových deskách
Rocková diskografie 1960–1997

Czechoslovak vinyl records featured in Miroslav Balák’s and Josef Kytnar’s discography book, Indies Records 1998, MAM073-6, ISBN 80-902475-0-4

The letter-number code denotes the book page number. The releases are sorted by this code, exactly matching the book. (The subject heading in parentheses, if different from the main artist.)

A work in progress, see also unsorted new additions at the end of the list.
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  1. Abraxas (8) - Box

    18 For Sale from $2.82


  2. AG Flek - AG Flek

    3 For Sale from $5.66


  3. Alkehol - Alkehol

    1 For Sale from $112.08


  4. Luboš Andršt - Capricornus

    12 For Sale from $10.19

    A-23 (Andršt, Luboš)

  5. Apollobeat - Chmýří / Květy Jeřabin

    S-318 (Sellingová, Sally)