Deep House

By freewave freewave
updated about 1 month ago

I asked the question. This is what i got. Good examples of this slice of the House pie. A Deep dish not a thin crust or hand tossed.

A definition IF any: "Deep house is a style of house music which fuses elements of Chicago house, jazz-funk, and Detroit techno. Sonic qualities include slower bpm's, fewer vocals, darker emotions, jazz-influences, and dissonant melodies. Garage House contains strong Disco influences which Deep House mostly distances itself from. Deep House also by nature indicates underground house. "

Still in progress, still being assembled....

  1. After Hours - Waterfalls / Feel It

    26 For Sale from $10.00

    Strictly Rhythm track.

    AfterHours - Waterfalls (3 AM Mix)

  2. Lovechild (2) - Sweet Ambience

    25 For Sale from $2.99

    Another Strictly Rhythm classic.

  3. Basil Hardhouse* - City Streets

    23 For Sale from $2.99

    Nu Groove Records

  4. The Underground Solution* - Luv Dancin'

    43 For Sale from $4.95

    Strictly Rhythm
    From Roger Sanchez

  5. Scram (2) - I Believe

    18 For Sale from $1.70

    Strictly Rhythm

  6. Essence - Moments In House

    20 For Sale from $3.82

    both sides

  7. Theo Parrish - When The Morning Comes

    "Children Of The Drum" Recommended

  8. Moodymann

    One of the key Deep House artists

    Check out this mix

  9. Theo Parrish

    Another key Deep House artist.

    Check out this mix:

  10. Larry Heard - Black Oceans

    One of the originators

  11. Moodymann - Don't Be Misled!


    Excellent Deep House track. Pre-album

  12. Mr Fingers* - Ammnesia

    If there is a beginning to Deep House it begins here with Larry Heard and co.

  13. Bobby Konders - A Lost Era In NYC 1987-1992

    21 For Sale from $17.00

    Bobby Konders does some great Deep House. check out Massive Sounds - The Poem

  14. Round One - I'm Your Brother

    "I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)"

  15. Round Two - New Day

    50 For Sale from $6.99

    "New Day (Club Vocal Mix)"

    "The Basic Channel boys only made a handful of deep house records on Main Street Records but they're some of the best deep house tracks ever made IMO"