Detroit Techno Compilations on CD

By unitary unitary
updated over 5 years ago

A list that attempts to be complete.. multiple pressings of one release are only listed if they have tracks that other pressings don't have (example: US and JP pressings of "Interstellar Fugitives" both have tracks that the other doesn't so they both are listed)

If one pressing of a particular release has extra tracks then it is favored (example: Japanese pressing of "Follow The Leader - A Submerge Compilation" has an extra track)

I prefer CDs to CDrs, i.e. I prefer the JP pressing of "Follow The Leader Two" to the US pressing on UR which is a CDr.

Apart from that, if one release is available under a different name but with the same tracklisting then I always pick the one that is in my collection (e.g. "Detroit Techno Soul" on Tresor in lieu of "Deep Detroit Techno Soul Volume 1" on Pow Wow)

There are some compilations which aren't explicitly "Detroit Techno" compilations but whose tracklisting has such a high amount of Detroit Techno tracks and/or exclusive/essential tracks/mixes that they should not be left out.

Mix CDs in general are not included, with the exception of "mildly mixed" label compilations such as "Geology 2" on Planet E.

I do not count compilations on which tracks have been mastered from vinyl (e.g. the Japanese "Remix Trax" compilations which contain some Detroit tracks not available on other CDs)

  1. Various - Embrace The Future Volume One - A 430 West Compilation

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    The version of "I Believe" is exclusive to this release