Detroit artists

By LilOlGirl LilOlGirl
updated about 1 month ago

List of artists that come out of Detroit.

  1. Berry Gordy

    Although he is not an artist, he has an art of perfection... An art for business of soul. He is the man behind the sound that is... Motown.

  2. Madonna

    Might be over 60 years old. Still sexy!

  3. Royce Da 5'9"

    If Eminem is evil, Royce da 5'9" is bad.

  4. J Dilla

    Rest in peace to the legendary beatmaker ever!

  5. Big Sean

    Ahhhhhh, yeah!

  6. Proof (3)

    R.I.P. to Proof and Bugz. D12 forever!

  7. Tee Grizzley

    He's making it big.

  8. Dej Loaf

    My brother cannot stand Dej.

  9. Anita Baker

    She was born in Ohio but did became a pioneer in Detroit music.

  10. Detroit Emeralds

    That drum break off that one song is classic!

  11. Diana Ross

    I am huge fan of Diana.

  12. 13



    This is it!!!

  13. Yae Yae Jordan

    Free Yae!

  14. 15



    Yeah, boy.

  15. Earlly Macmillion

    He is who he is.

  16. Stunthard Hotboyz

    Keep stuntin', boys!

  17. Jude Demorest

    I bring me! Get mine, about mine, go hard!

  18. Bad Meets Evil

    Royce and Em do good together as a duo.

  19. 24



    D12 was my favorite group. I can't believe they broke up now.