Dimidium animae meae

By Somnium_Obmutum
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A pretentious way to describe the shit i like.

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    Industrial Falco and one of the most slept on masters of epatage. Man as a genre, who became truly the one with his muse even after clocking so many miles all these years later.

    "The Lord of Lard, the Mighty Swine
    He loves Manchego and a bottle of wine
    Also known as Raymond Watts,
    He screams out his lungs while his brain slowly rots!"

  3. A shock therapy done right.

  4. Ingenious rock avant-garde - Pink Floyd of the post-punk.

  5. A.k.a. the most underrated band ever - in some sense rightly so. The magic of "The Sound" lies within the dichotomy of gallows and disco, simplicity and sincerity, progressiveness and measure, melancholy and joy coming from Adrian Borland - one of the most effective poets of mundane. "I can't escape myself" is my favorite song ever.

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    Electronic music won't get better than this.

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  8. Ultimate ode to melancholy and unprecedented trip-hop creativity.

  9. It boggles my mind that even Bauhaus fans at times ignore this wonderful side project by Daniel Ash (their ex-guitar player), Glenn Campling and Kevin Haskins. It's a one of a kind blend of post-punk, psychedelic rock, punk and gothic rock. The most cool thing about this kinda one-off endeavor is an attempt to constantly try something different in each song with all the instruments and experiences given. Not only ahead, but beyond their time.

  10. Doomer's insulin.

  11. No, not syth-pop gods, but rather an alternative godfathers. "Playing The Angel" was the last great album by them, the future ones... - some moments here and there.

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  13. As good as modern folk can get. Queen of goth.

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    It's fucking Bauhaus!

  16. Antichrist became superstar way too soon for his own good. Surely, it's amazing how incredibly insightful and hard working Brian was with his legendary triptych of albums. Can't even imagine how did he figure out so much material in such a short span of years. But even with well-deserved fame he became a bad example of self-indulgesness. Followed after triptych "The Gold Age of Grotesque" is half-ruined due to Brian's self-mastrubation in lyrics, despite being the best of MM sound-wise (all hail Tim Skold and the old band's line-up for composing). Then he stucked in a creative dead end for me with future questionable releases. "The Pale Emperor" and "We Are Chaos" fixed that.

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  18. Underrated & misunderstood. Some of the most interesting storytelling in goth music. Sound-wise can be stale, repetitive, but if you are into these themes such kind of experimental minimalism in style of industrial, glitch, synth-wave and even trip-hop can prove effective for you.

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