Disc Co.

By ThomDLorean
updated 3 months ago

The catalog of my imaginary Italo Disco reissue label. "Releases" in no particular order.

  1. Kind of a personal fav rather than a super rarity, but this guy sung several cartoon themes in the UK in the 80s and is a living legend :)

    Edit: Hello scalpers!

  2. 5 For Sale from $51.06

    And album

    Fun Co.

  3. 1 For Sale from $52.13

    On 12"

  4. Fantastic melody and vocals, needs an 80s sounding remix - Flemming can you hear me?

  5. 7 For Sale from $22.00

    Mel 'O' - Pretty Lover

  6. 1 For Sale from $521.28

    And why not Gambler as a bonus, still this is the super-rarity