Disc-O-Tech #2 (disco dust)

By regd regd
updated 5 months ago

-Michael Freedberg
(with assistance from Brian Chin and with many thanks to Ed Rothschild, Danae Jacovidis, Bob Viteritti, Sergio Munzibai, Jeffrey Shore and Tom Moulton.)

  1. Various - Disc-O-Tech #2

    1. I'LL BAKE A MAN - Barbara Acklin (Brunswick, 1973)
    2. IF YOU LOVE ME LIKE YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME - Betty Wright (Alston, 1972)
    3. BLACK SKIN BLUE EYED BOYS - Equals (Shout, 1972)
    4. RAIN - Dorothy Morrison (Electra, 1971)
    5. FENCEWALK - Mandrill (Polydor, 1973)
    6. STREET DANCE/NINJA (NINJA) WALK (STREET WALK) - The Fatback Band (Perception, 1973)
    7. SULTANA/RAIN 2000 - Titanic (Epic, 1972/1973)
    8. DUST YOURSELF OFF AND TRY IT AGAIN - Beautiful Zion Choir (Myrrh, 1973)
    9. YOU'RE THE ONE - Little Sister (Stone Flower, 1970)
    10. MUSIC FOR GONG GONG - Osibisa (Decca, 1971)
    11. I GOT IT - Gloria Spencer (Jay Walking, 1971)
    12. GIRL YOU NEED A CHANGE OF MIND/DATE WITH THE RAIN - Eddie Kendricks (Tamla, 1972)
    13. YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOUR MAN - Willie Hutch (Motown, 1974)
    14. THINK (ABOUT IT) - Lyn Collins (People, 1972)
    15. I LIKE WHAT I LIKE - Everyday People (Paramount, 1972)
    16. TWENTY-FIVE MILES/RUNNING BACK AND FORTH - Edwin Starr (Gordy, 1969)
    17. FEEL THE NEED IN ME - Detroit Esmeralds (Westbound, 1972)
    18. GIVING UP - Zulema (Sussex, 1973)
    19. DOING IT TO DEATH - Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s (People, 1973)
    20. MELTING POT - Boris Gardiner Happening (Dynamic, 1973)
    21. BEGGIN' - Timebox (Deram, 1968)
    22. WOMAN/WILD SAFARI - Barrabas, (RCA, 1973)
    23. THE BOTTLE - Gill Scott-Heron (Strata-East, 1974)/BROTHER TO BROTHER (Turbo, 1974)
    24. I CAN UNDERSTAND IT - The New Birth (RCA, 1973)/Valentinos (Atlantic, 1973)/Kokomo (Columbia, 1975)
    25. PURSUIT OF THE PIMPMOBILE - Isaac Hayes (Enterprise, 1974)
    26. TAKE OFF YOUR MAKE-UP - Lamont Dozier (ABC, 1973)
    27. LOVE AND HAPPINESS - Al Green (Hi, 1972)
    28. MAIN LINE - Ashford & Simpson (Warner Bros., 1974)
    29. ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS/SMARTY PANTS - First Choice (Philly Groove, 1973)
    30. ZING WENT THE STRINGS OUT OF MY HEART - The Trammps (Buddah, 1972)
    31. WHO IS HE AND WHAT HE IS TO YOU - Creative Source (Sussex, 1974)
    32. LIFE AND DEATH IN G & A - Abaco Dream (A&M, 1969)
    33. HALF A CUP - Reggie Gardner (ABC, 1974)
    34. WE THE PEOPLE - Soul Searchers (Sussex, 1972)
    35. CRAZY 'BOUT MY BABY - Bonnie Bramlet (Columbia, 1972)
    36. GETTING TOGETHER - Brothers Guiding Light Featuring David (Mercury, 1973)
    37. SWEET CHARLIE BABE/TIME - Jackie Moore (Atlantic, 1973)
    38. WHAT GOES AROUND (COMES AROUND) - Black Ivory (Kwanza, 1974)
    39. SOUL MAKOSSA - Manu Dibango (Atlantic, 1973)
    40. GOOD THINGS DON'T LAST FOREVER - Ecstasy, Passion & Pain (Roulette, 1974)
    41. KOKE - Tribe (ABC, 1973)
    42. PULL YOUSELF TOGETHER - Buddy Miles (Columbia, 1974)
    43. PAPA WAS A ROLLIN' STONE - The Temptations (Gordy, 1972)
    44. UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF LOVE - Love Unlimited (20th Century, 1973)
    45. LITTLE BIT OF LOVE - Brenda & The Tabulations (Epic, 1972)

  2. Kool & The Gang - Wild And Peaceful

    9 For Sale from $8.88

    Snap-back rhythm and sexplosive horn moans ("Funky Stuff," "More Funky Stuff") progress to boogie downs and chanted, outdoor music ("Jungle Boogie," "Hollywood Swinging"). Show-band R&B hadn't turned rooms upside down this excitedly since James Brown. Kool & The Gang - Spin Their Top Hits

  3. Love Unlimited - Under The Influence Of Love Unlimited

    Lots of DJs received a commemorative gold album for helping make Under The Influence Of . . . go #1. They had been seduced immediately by "Love's Theme" segue into the title track. "It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)" and "Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It" are near-greatest hits. (BC)
    Current Availability: Love Unlimited - The Best Of Love Unlimited

  4. B.T. Express - "Express" - Golden Classics

    8 For Sale from $11.98

    The great rhythm album of the year, an extended night-train's run through the city: driving-wheel rhythms; glistening guitars; Barbara Joyce's husky, smart voice; and Trade Martin's uncommonly phrased horns. Randy Muller's strings are a delight one doesn't expect to hear in funk as tough as "Express. B.T. Express - Do It!! Non Stop

  5. Isaac Hayes - Double Feature

    One Turner track is crucial to club disco: "Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile." More than nine minutes of guitar vamps, string section, big band melody, and high-hat. In Chocolate Chip's title track, "Body Language," and "I Can't Turn Around," Hayes is a kind of bearish Fred Astaire, responding to dark, forceful body talk.

  6. Labelle - Nightbirds

    12 For Sale from $6.66

    Dangerous but also a celebration for these divas of fantasy. "Lady Marmalade," the year's catchiest come-on; their romance dances--"What Can I Do For You?," "You Turn Me On," and "Space Children" seem to be idealism at its most sublime. Patti* & LaBelle - Lady Marmalade: The Best Of Patti And LaBelle

  7. The Jimmy Castor Bunch Featuring The Everything Man - Butt Of Course / Supersound / E-Man Groovin'

    Castor's New York boogaloo uses electric piano and synthesizer as dual rhythm instruments. His keyboard work makes "E-Man Boogie" flutter as well as "Bertha Butt Boogie - Part 1," comically supported by his Mr. Bass Man voice.

  8. Ecstasy, Passion & Pain - Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

    4 For Sale from $14.43

    Philly master arranger Bobby Martin (Manhattans, LTD) produced danceable soul classics for the testifying Barbara Roy: "Ask Me," "Good Things Don't Last Forever," and "I Wouldn't Give You Up" are all among the records the earliest clubgoers remember most fondly. Various - Here Come The Girls, Vol.5 Sisters From The City

  9. Trammps* - Trammps

    4 For Sale from $13.89

    Their most romantic album: so luscious, soft, and smoochy. Jimmy Ellis' full-length croon in "Where Do We Go From Here" and "Trusting Heart" promises plenty of empathy. Best of all is "Stop And Think," so gentle it feels like a best friend putting an arm around you. Trammps* - Disco Champs Plus

  10. Barry White - Barry White's Greatest Hits

    55 For Sale from $0.86

    Barry White changes the odor, texture, and temperature of the atmosphere his music sweeps through. Song titles like "You're The First, The Last, My Everything," "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe," and "Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up" function as commentary on how White feels when he's dreaming about kissing you. Barry White - Just For You

  11. KC And The Sunshine Band* - KC And The Sunshine Band ... And More

    3 For Sale from $4.47

    Funk and pop never married so perfectly and feverishly as in "Get Down Tonight" and "That's The Way (I Like It)." "I Get Lifted" and "Ain't Nothin' Wrong" were hidden gems for samplers. Various - Get Down Tonight! - The Best Of T.K. Records

  12. Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes - Get Dancin'

    1 For Sale from $8.55

    Campy disco auteurs Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan's friends cast as chorus girlies. Also invited: campy disco emcee Sir Monti Rock III, doing Disco-Tex as a limp-wristed Louis Prima.

  13. The Jackson 5 - Moving Violation

    2 For Sale from $8.00

    Easy and assured as Michael sings it, "Forever Came Today" is a novel concept for Motown: having an all-boys group cover a girl group. What's diva style got to do with young boys? Just the tasty thrill of showing off, new clothes, new tempos, plus Michael twisting the title as if his voice were his hips.

  14. Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye

    23 For Sale from $9.38

    Gaynor wears her voice like a big ego. So how could she not become the first queen of disco? The 18-minute segued A-side is a first, but don't overlook the B. "False Alarm" and "Real Good People" have all the dressy intensity she imparts to the highest octaves. Gloria Gaynor - Greatest Hits

  15. Various - Disco Gold

    5 For Sale from $10.00

    Volume 1 witnesses the birth of disco in songs full of wonder, joy, and magic ("Wan Tu Wah Zuree," "Make Me Believe In You," "We're On The Right Track"); in Volume 2's "Chinese Kung Fu," "El Bimbo," "Undecided Love," and "Waterbed," voices come second. Rhythm's the thing, and what rhythms! A Tom Moulton Mix, in its entirety.

  16. Sister Sledge - Circle Of Love

    3 For Sale from $6.33

    Producers Tony Silvester and Bert deCoteaux outdo themselves with two songs: "Circle Of Love" is Kathy Sledge's chance to discover her body, and "Love Don't Go Through No Changes On Me" is her realization that it's frightening to be a slave to someone's love.

  17. The Salsoul Orchestra - Salsoul Orchestra

    8 For Sale from $3.78

    DJs will like the selective cuing of the vocals because the instrumental makes for fail-safe segues. Dancers will like the suggestive oohing ("You're Just The Right Size") foreplay come-ons ("Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It)") and Brazil-isms ("Tangerine"). The Salsoul Orchestra - Anthology

  18. Silver Convention - Silver Convention

    4 For Sale from $18.35

    These three angels sound like The Three Degrees, except that around them, there's nothing but skimpy melody and a lithe string section doing rhythm guitar's work. The lyrics are one-liner kiss-me's: "Fly, Robin, Fly," "I Like It," "Save Me," and "Tiger Baby"--words that scamper around the music like a flirt's scent.

  19. The Trammps - Where The Happy People Go

    6 For Sale from $8.96

    Never has Philly disco assembled such a torrent of choir's crescendos and string section symphonies. If party-time with all your friends around is what disco means to you, then "That's Where The Happy People Go," a huge wave, and "Disco Party," a fast slip-slide, are your anthems; and "Soul Searchin' Time," a worried rush of rhythm, is your rock blues.

  20. Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free / House Of Love

    5 For Sale from $12.99

    Staton's voice does just about everything danceable that Chaka Khan's does not with its shy intensity and smooth middle range. Staton's recalcitrant sighs and David Crawford's silver rhythms hold up mirrors to one another in "Run To Me," "Young Hearts Run Free," and "Destiny."

  21. Loleatta Holloway - Loleatta

    8 For Sale from $3.53

    Holloway's third album explodes in earthy shouts, soaring screams, and happy howls when the glory of sex hits her ("Dreamin'," "Hit And Run") and turns sultry and full of warmth when her soprano speaks softly. "Worn Out Broken Heart" is the mother of all crying songs.

  22. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band

    15 For Sale from $3.00

    August Darnell, Stony Browder Jr., and Sandy Linzer recreate 1940s rumba nights with Cory Daye as Celia Cruz, Don Armando Bonilla as Mongo Santamaria, and Andy Hernandez and Mickey Sevilla as a swinging rhythm section. Very Broadway with the finesse and that's-life details of the lyrics in "Cherchez La Femme," "I'll Play the Fool," and "Hard Times.
    Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - The Very Best Of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band

  23. Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut

    4 For Sale from $10.00

    Patrick Adams' flutes and keyboards shriek and squeal like little girls splashing in wading pools in "Disco Juice" and "Spaced Out." Miragelike, you can hear the voices of dancers singing the title jingle, as if its giddy insignificance were love potion #9. In disco, it is.