Disco: P-Funk 1974 - 1983

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated about 1 year ago

2 sections: P-Funk as in P-Funk & Pure Funk.
Those can be on seperate lists however it is not my cup of tea so you see what I know/have.

The outrageous P-Funk plus the more serious "Pure" Funk where at least Funk dominates any other genre within the song.
After 1984 Prince basicly took over, see the next Funk list. Other directions are E-Funk and Early Techno.

Pure Funk is clearly Funk as pure as it gets but based on Disco/Soul/Jazz, mostly seventies and not E-Funk.

Why I choose to use Disco as main genre? The Funk before Disco as a genre has Soul as main genre. So James Brown's Funk is Soul Funk. Funk to me is a big ingredient that takes up to 50% of the recognition but fails to overtake (as I see it) either the Soul, Disco or Jazz which are all three main genres.
On this list you can find Funk dominated Disco of the periode and P-Funk that really makes me doubt my choice (as above), however the scene stayed rather small and didnt go in a real separate direction musically.

I am a generalist not a specialist. I make these lists to breakdown my collection and wantlist into (sub)genres. I constantly try to improve my lists so they are never complete. I am happy to incorporate suggestions, but please raise the bar.

  1. Commodores - Greatest Hits

    14 For Sale from $1.40

    1975. Machine Gun.

  2. Queen Yahna - Ain't It Time

    1976. Jazz/Funk