Disco: Rap Disco 1978 - 1986

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated about 1 year ago

Before Hip Hop became a genre, there was Rap Disco that started in 1978 and ended with the cheesy Holiday Rap in 1986.
Rap Disco is Rapping on top of Disco and is no Hip Hop. If Hip Hop is your center genre, this may be called Proto Hip Hop.
The basis of Hip Hop is not the 4 on the floor of Disco, but Funk and Break Beat.
For example: genius of love of the Tom Tom Club is Hip Hop, while Wordy Rappinghood is Disco. Some songs are modified towards Hip Hop and it shows that the genre is gradually getting its shape. While Funk elements dominate Old School Hip Hop, Break Beat elements dominate Electro. Rapping on Electro is Electro.
For a more complete list see the list of Funk_Wid.

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