Disco Re-Edits

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"My interpretation/understanding of an edit is that the person didn't have access to the original masters, i.e. it was made from an existing recording (i.e. a record.) Otherwise it would be a 'remix'. Initially made on reel-to-reel, later on cassettes (e.g. early Chicago), and then on computers ...

Also it seems to me that most of the 'classic' edits were done on the DJ's initiative, i.e. without permission from the original musicians/artists etc. Once a re-work was commissioned by a label/band it falls more into the remix category.

I think its this slightly 'underground' or nefarious aspect of edits that makes them so special - i.e. that the editors took it upon themselves to 'improve' something for their respective audiences.

Also check out http://www.dummymag.com/lists/ashley-beedle-top-10-best-go-to-re-edits

  1. Walter Gibbons

    Pre-dating the amazing cut and paste skills later developed by hip-hop DJs, Gibbons would take two copies of a record and work the drum breaks so adroitly it was impossible to tell that the music you were hearing wasn't originally recorded that way. Two cuts that he was famous for using in this trick was "Erucu" from the "Mahogany" soundtrack and "Two Pigs & A Hog" from the "Cooley High" soundtrack.


  2. François Kevorkian

    Francois K

    Sunshine Sound edits/medleys/boots ... never realized there were so many ...


    All the FK ones start with the 'F' prefix.


  3. Various - Erucu

    2 For Sale from $125.00

    Famous Acetate (Kevorkian Edit)

  4. John Morales - The M&M Mixes: NYC Underground Disco Anthems + Previously Un-Released Exclusive Salsoul Mixes

    10 For Sale from $13.33

    Sunshine Sound edits/medleys/boots ...


  5. MFSB / Cuco - Love Is The Message (Remix) / The Circus (Remix)

    40 For Sale from $1.99

    Cuco – The Circus (Remix)

    ", I remember reading that there were several DJs worked on edits of this song at the time (inc. Krivit's), and then the Cuco version surfaced and I think became the one everyone played ... "

    Not Krivit but is Irving Lugo, A former employee of Downstairs Records in New York.


  6. Danny Krivit

    He didn't get his releases onto compilation until far later but he was busy doing so in the 80's.

  7. Ron Hardy - Muzic Box Classics Volume One

    2 For Sale from $194.74

    Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches And Prunes

    Tracks originally released in 1980's
    Comp released in 2005

  8. Greg Wilson - Credit To The Edit - Vinyl One

    11 For Sale from $6.00

    Via his residencies at Manchester’s Legends, and The Hacienda, Greg Wilson introduced black electronic dance music to the UK. Working with just two Technics turntables, a Revox reel to reel tape deck and a stanley knife Greg (literally) cut-up a series of stunning one off DJ re-edits, each exclusive to his dance-floors. These edits virtually wrote the rulebook for DJ’s, re-mixers and producers growing up and going out in early 80s Britain. This career defining anthology, released to coincide with his recent return to the clubs, showcases Greg’s ‘80’s edit style and how this cut up approach influenced everyone from Fatboy Slim & Coldcut to today’s stars such as Optimo (Espacio) & 2 Many DJ’s. "

    Mid 1980's Originally, 2005 Release

  9. Magic Disco Machine* - Scratchin

    7 For Sale from $12.00

    Released in 1980's

  10. Maxtrack Orchestra - Love Is The Message

    41 For Sale from $1.11

    Edited By – Danny Krivit


  11. Black Cock - Free Range EP

    14 For Sale from $16.67

    "Shine On" by DJ Harvey & Gerry Rooney

    Track A1 is a re-edit of Bill Withers - You Got the Stuff on Columbia. 1995

    (e.g. 'Black Cock' re-ignited the EDITS idea in '93)

  12. Mystic Slot - No Way Back / Disco Adventure

    1 For Sale from $454.40

    "No Way Back"

    Another classic Harvey edit 1993

  13. R.V.Cock - Free At Last / Get A Head

    16 For Sale from $11.11

    Old Harvey Edit


  14. Moton Records Inc.

    1990's era label. Which is best tho?

  15. JPR Records Inc.

    Phil Asher's JPR Edit(s?) 1992-1998

  16. Extended Family - Ulysses

    Another Harvey Classic Edit


  17. Billy Paul - East

    17 For Sale from $14.81

    Diesel and Harvey on Moton


  18. Noid Recordings

    Idjut Boys re-edit label


  19. Idjut Boys / DJ Harvey - Untitled

    13 For Sale from $14.81

    Harvey and Idjut Boys


  20. Various - Absolutely... The Very Best Of Prelude Records

    6 For Sale from $64.94

    All legal edits, but damn if there aren't a ton of great disco remixes on here.


  21. Original Sound Track Recordings


    Dj Harvey, Ashely Beedle, The Wiseguys, Norman Cook,

  22. Dimitri From Paris - A Night At The Playboy Mansion

    2 For Sale from $59.99

    Remix or Official Edit, You Choose.