Disco: Soul Show Disco 1979 - 1986

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated 3 months ago

Out of R&B Disco, Soul Disco and a little Funk of the seventies came the eighties styled smoother and more mainstream Soul Show Disco. Luther Vandross "Never Too Much" and Change with "Change Of Heart" both set the standard. It sometimes gets close to E-Funk that was more electronic and minimalistic Funk and less mainstream. Soul Show Disco can also get close to R&B however the pronounced bassline prevents me to label it R&B.

It was the softened and smooth continuation of Classic Disco that was (wrongly) pronounced dead by 1980. The harder successor was HI-NRG Disco, the Funksters replaced the P for an E, although Prince stepped in to preserve the P (but now for his name).
Hip Hop (Rap), Techno and a little later House music were born all within a copple of years of the early eighties.

In contrast to Industrial Disco (that went parallel) this was the music for optimists who had a future and became yuppies. They danced slowly with their pastel LaCoste polo's and with their chino's high up their waist watching Maimi Vice. I know I was there...

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  1. Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Music

    1980. R&B Disco in transition for the eighties.

  2. Change - The Glow Of Love

    1980. R&B Disco in transition.