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The slowest, sludgiest, and darkest of all Hardcore flavors. BPMS ranging generally 140 and below, making it the slowest Hardcore genre. Stompy kicks, tons of reverb, long droning sounds and cinematic/atmospheric elements. The trademark TR-909 kickdrum is used differently than in other hardcore genres: it usually employs less distortion, and less decay. However, a reverb effect is added on it sometimes. Offbeat cymbals are usual. The atmosphere of the tracks is often similar to industrial music, doom metal and dark ambient. Somber and contemplative while evoking a post-apocalyptic, hopeless, and terrifying atmosphere.

Just started this list. Feel free to weigh in and send in some suggestions on some of the essentials of the genre.

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  1. 6 For Sale from $12.90

    Marchin' Into Madness (1993)

  2. Manga Corps - War Dancer (1995)

    Manga Corps is a collaboration between French producers Manu Le Malin (Manu Dauchez) and Dr. Macabre (Guillaume Leroux).

  3. 9 For Sale from $21.51

    Taciturne ‎– Der Toten (1995)

  4. (1996)
    Dark Invader
    The Arrival

  5. 4 For Sale from $16.08

    Frozen + Dr. Macabre - Dimension Of The Doomed (1996)

  6. Gates of Heaven / Hell (1996)

  7. 3 For Sale from $15.05

    Miro - Blue Sun (1996)

  8. 5 For Sale from $17.00

    Torsion (1996)
    Dark Forces

  9. 20 For Sale from $2.46

    By The Fire
    Innocent Minds
    Dark Germany

  10. Bassmachine (1998)

  11. 5 For Sale from $8.60

    E-Man - XTC Express (Higher Level Mix) (1997)

  12. 16 For Sale from $53.76

    Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never (1997)

  13. 5 For Sale from $5.38

    Hospitalism (1997)

  14. 10 For Sale from $10.74

    Miro - Purple Moon (Remix) (1997)

  15. FE05A1 (1997)

  16. 8 For Sale from $18.82

    E-Rush - Fuck You Man (Army Of Darkness Remix) (1997)

  17. Retropspective (1997)

  18. 1 For Sale from $9.54

    Purple Moon (Downpitch Original) (1998)

  19. 2 For Sale from $50.00

    Danse Macabre (1998)

  20. (1999)
    "This is probably the best archive to have of Dr. Macabre. On these 3 cds a lot of tracks are included that were released under another producer name, so if you didn't know Dr. Macabre was behind it, you will know now...Every cd has its own style"~idem77

  21. 2 For Sale from $16.08

    The Masochist - Anticipation (1999)

  22. Kenny Kramp & Face Hoover - Global Collapse (Nov 1999)