Dubstep Wax I owned and regret selling :(

No order to anything...just me ADHD-ing my way through my dubstep collection acquired from 2005-2011, then sold in 2013/2014 to buy more jungle records. This classic dubstep sound reingrained itself into my synapses n birthed a revived-appreciation around mid 2022. No way I'm buying all this shit again, but at least I can keep track of choons I played and maybe toy around with mixing some of the mpfrees in the future. Plus discovering overlooked B-sides and diamonds that I failed to recognize at the time because I was buying so much new wax (especially 2008-2009 when it kinda peaked for me personally) that some got shoved into the library shelves away from my primary stacks. Overall it was around 1500 plates, many of which I sold to private collectors in the Bay Area, a friend of a friend in Texas bought tons of rarer stuff, then a couple dozen decent sized orders here on Discogs, then finally offloading the rest to a Washington-based record store so I could wash my hands of it fully and focus on amen choppage @ 174bpm that sound like math problems on a standardized test. Not too many "regerts" in life overall, but then I hear Uncle Sam n Tes La Rok's "round the world girls vip" or a 2562 kutty minimal techies-out ditty or a wonky Rusko wobbler I used to cane and out come Teh Feelingz of nostalgia and recognition for the brilliance that all these producers and DJs stamped onto the world back in the mid to late 2000's. It'll never be like that again for ANY form of music, and if you were there, then you fucking know. If ya weren't, at least the music survives etched onto wax and forever on the internet. I know I'm gonna miss some smaller labels, white labels, and those non-dubstep 140 tunes I occasionally mixed in, but this should be pretty comprehensive once I hit between 1300-1400 items.
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