Dutch Hip-Hop Index

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List of Dutch hip-hop artists.

>> This list is far from complete, and is still very much a work in progress, feel free to contact me with anything you would like to see added.

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    3robi is a rapper from Amsterdam, North Holland of Moroccan descent, performing with lyrics in Dutch.

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    24K are a pioneering crew from Eindhoven, North Brabant, which consisted of MC's Arc-S, ENB, CMC and DJ's Zar One and DJ Wan-2, performing in English.

  3. Abstract Dialect

    Abstract Dialect are a band from Rotterdam, South Holland, with O.N.X., Samir ter Luun, Maarten Meddens, Gil Ramalho and Gilvano Torrez, raps in English.

  4. A&C (2)

    A&C are a duo from Rotterdam, South Holland, consisting of Alex and Crimson, rapping in Dutch.

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    ADHD are a crew from Amsterdam, North Holland, comprised of Brainpower, Dicecream, Man!ak and TLM, performing in Dutch.

  6. Ahab (8)

    Ahab is a rapper from The Hague, South Holland, a member of Kern Koppen and the Nuclear Family, rhyming in English.

  7. Aiky (2)

    Aiky aka Frits Bricks is a rapper and CEO of label ZwareJongenZ Records. He is from Vlaardingen, South Holland, of Curaçaoan descent, performing with lyrics in Dutch.

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    Akwasi is a rapper from Amsterdam, North Holland, and a member of Zwart Licht, rapping in Dutch.

  9. Alfobetic

    AlfoBetiC or Al Fobetic is an MC from Eindhoven, North Brabant, who rhymes in English and Dutch.

  10. Ali B (2)

    Ali B is a rapper from Zaanstad, North Holland, of Moroccan decent. He is based in Almere, Flevoland, and rhymes in Dutch.

  11. Allstar Fresh

    Allstar Fresh or DJ Guan, is a DJ/turntablist and producer from Amsterdam, North Holland, a pioneering artist, and member of Dom.I.No and King Bee.

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    Amo Lab

    Amo Lab

    Amo Lab were a duo from Amsterdam and Haarlem, North Holland, consisting of MC Rollarocka and DJ Precise, performing in English.

  13. The Anonymous Mis

    The Anonymous Mis is an MC from Rotterdam, South Holland, of Surinamese/Dutch decent, a member of Committee Gunmen and Postmen, rhymes in English.

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    Appa is an MC from Amsterdam, North Holland, of Moroccan/Dutch decent, formerly of THC (Tuindorp Hustler Click), rapping in Dutch.

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    Arc-S is an MC from Eindhoven, North Brabant, formerly of the group 24K, rhyming in English.

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    Are MC

    Are MC

    Are MC is a rapper from Uden, North Holland, a member of Seven Eleven, and formerly with the Dope Posse, rhyming in English and Dutch.

  17. Armyfatique

    Armyfatique are a production duo from Amsterdam, North Holland, consisting of DJ Krylon and Lost Sun.

  18. Ares (11)

    Ares is a rapper from Oosterhout, North Brabant, performing with lyrics in Dutch.

  19. Arts The Beatdoctor

    Arts the Beatdoctor is a producer from Utrecht, and a member of The Q4 (The QuadraphoniQuartet) production crew.

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    Baas B

    Baas B

    Baas B is a rapper from Diemen, North Holland, half of the duo Lange Frans & Baas B, formerly of D-Men, rapping in Dutch.

  21. Ballantyne

    Ballantyne is a producer from Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands.

  22. Berry (7)

    Berry is a rapper from Rotterdam, South Holland, from the east side and rapping in Dutch.

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    Big2 is a rapper from Heiloo, North Holland, one half of the group The Opposites, based in Amsterdam, North Holland, and rapping in Dutch.

  24. Blatta (3)

    Blatta is an MC and producer from Zutphen, Gelderland, and a part of the duo [Invalid Artist], rhyming in English.

  25. Blatta & N

    Blatta and N(obody) are a duo from Zutphen, Gelderland, who perform in English.