Dutch hardcore/gabber labels.

By Rekel Rekel
updated about 1 month ago

My attempt to collect all Dutch hardcore and gabber labels including sublabels. I consider Rotterdam Records to be the first true gabber label but there were labels active before that I'd call hardcore. Some of the labels listed may have also released in some other genres. I've excluded related styles like hardstyle, hardtechno, jumpstyle, freetekno and breakcore but included happy hardcore and speedcore/terror. Let me know if you have any additions or think a label should not be included.

  1. 2B Free Records

    Label for Human Resource, active 1991 - 1993

  2. Rotterdam Records

    The first true gabber label, active 1992 - 2012

  3. Rave Records

    The Hague label, active 1992 - 1996

  4. K.N.O.R. Records

    Kicking Noises of Rotterdam, active 1992 - 2015

  5. Mokum Records

    Amsterdam's answer to Rotterdam Records, active 1993 - present

  6. Master Maximum Records

    Label of Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, active 1993 - 2007

  7. Ruffneck Records

    Patrick van Kerckhoven's label, active 1993 - 1997 for hardcore, some drum 'n bass releases after that in 2000. Some digital (re-)releases in 2005 and again one in 2017.

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