EDM Time Journey

By Fernand8 Fernand8
updated about 1 year ago

I collect 12" for Dancefloor and/or essential for Dance music. Taste is a matter of opinion and this is mine....
I dont care if a record is rare or not. I dont care if a record is made by a famous producer or not. I dont care if a record is a commercial success or not. I dont care if a record is considered cheesy, gay, stylish, fashionable or popish or not. I prefere bass over treble, simple but effective, layers but not bombastic.
I only care for my ears and feet.
On that basis I collect all genres of EDM mainly between 1976-2001 (1968 and now) and very preferable on 12". And yes it is a pain in my wallet. I am no trader although I sell everything I had to buy with a larger collection. I take care of my records, but I do play them at private parties.

As I love many styles and genres so I better name my least popular ones:
1) R&B
I just don't like the whining aspect of R&B, but I love Blues. So for example New Jack Swing (or Swing beat as it is called in Europe) is not my favourite genre. Sure I collect the top 10-25 that is to my liking, but that is it. Same for R&B Disco and modern R&B.
I absolutely dislike 2 step, UK Garage and Speed Garage.
2) Minimal Techno
Although I love Minimal aspects of early Kraftwerk and the stripped to the core Acid House. I just dont have the supposed sophistication (and patience!) to get bored to death. When it gets too arti-farti I am also out. And I am no audiophile either.
3) (Electro) Funk 1982-1986
The much respected collector funk_wid on Discogs has a list of 500 of them (+another 200). I worked myself through his list. I am a child of Classic Disco as such I found the era of Funk of 1982-1986 lacking originality. At that time I got bored with it.
Of course a lot of quality stuff has been made and I collect those. Some reached the charts, some came close to what I call Soul Show Disco (which I like). I still feel the same way about this genre, but I will collect a lot of them.

I love but I am a novice in (oldschool) Hip Hop and Reggae.

I hope you can enjoy this list and maybe I make some more lists....

  1. The Winstons - Color Him Father / Amen, Brother

    1969. Most important break ever. Just watch you tube 15min documentary. Or just take the fact that all Drum & Bass tracks have their beats from this break.

  2. James Brown - Get Up I Feel Like Being Like A Sex Machine

    1970. James Brown's Good foot and with a funky drummer. Ain't it funky now? No matter what year I attended a party, this one always is a floorfiller.

  3. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun

    62 For Sale from $8.74

    1972. Funk. Well known sounds. Many times sampled. Huge influence on Hip Hop. Quality.

  4. Cymande - Cymande

    1972. Also before EDM and influential. It captures the air of the seventies in a mixed bag of genres. Laid-back Funk. The whole LP is pure quality.

  5. Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian

    5 For Sale from $31.25

    1973. For me the start of EDM, Kristallo and Tanzmusik are the kick-off. Hard to define EDM so I choose an early Kraftwerk and 1973 is also the start of the first genre of EDM: Disco.
    While not all Disco is to be considered electronic enough to be EDM, we should not be too doctrinal in music. Pierre Henry did a bit of the same but more experimental with his "Machine Danse". (Too artifarty for me)

  6. Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band* - Bongo Rock

    1973. Gotta love the breaks.
    1) Breaks in funk and jazz are taken in loops by DJ's
    2) DJ culture is born. DJ is creating music.
    3) Break beat is a sub-genre and Hip Hop and Electro are born from it.

  7. MFSB - TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) / Love Is The Message

    12 For Sale from $3.03

    1973. 1979 remix. credits to the originators and accelerators of Disco: Gamble & Huff, Tom Moulton and of course all the Philly musicians.

    1973 was the start of DISCO.

  8. Ruud Bos Orchestra* - Naakt Over De Schutting

    1 For Sale from $20.22

    1973 B-movie tune.. rare groove. Two nice tracks bit overlooked outside the Netherlands or am I just patriotic? I love the organ solo after about 1 minute of Naked Plus, some of which I can relate to the mid solo in "Easy Going Do It Again". Both so very seventies...

  9. Kraftwerk - Autobahn

    1974. Kraftwerk's first chart hit. (credit also for Radio Activity 1975) Ground breaking for synthetic sounds.

  10. Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions

    16 For Sale from $27.49

    1975. Tremendous mark for Jazz on EDM. (also 1978 Sunburst)

  11. Ernie Bush - Breakaway

    5 For Sale from $80.00

    1975. Northern Soul, super track...

    Northern Soul 1965-1975 is no EDM genre. The influence of Northern Soul on Disco makes this record interesting, Producers like Edwin Starr made the turn.

  12. Queen Yahna - Ain't It Time

    1976. Unique Soul-Disco, well performed & great lyrics. One of my personal favourits. Dope track.

  13. Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars

    1976. Jazz masterpiece.

  14. Jean Michel Jarre* - Oxygène

    1976. Can't go without JMJ, this one and his other two records in the seventies... outstanding. Opposed to Kraftwerks precise minimalistic approach, JMJ has a more ambient, trancy sound. One can extend this direction with Tangerine Dream and connect later on with Ambient such as Fluffy Clouds of The Orb (1990).

  15. Various - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Sound Track)

    1977. Disco introduced to a white audience, in a time where people spoke of blackmusic. Music has all colors.

  16. Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express

    1977. Trans Europe Express is ground breaking (credit's also for Man Machine 1978.)
    Do I need to remember you that WE are the robots?

  17. Giorgio* - From Here To Eternity

    1977. The best pre Techno pre House record of this genius producer.

  18. Donna Summer - I Feel Love / Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)

    12 For Sale from $18.00

    1977. Giorgio Moroder's most influential song. (Notable is the 1982 remix by Patrick Cowley).

  19. Sylvester - Over And Over / Down, Down, Down

    5 For Sale from $43.39

    1977. Emotional epic disco record. Take your time and listen this one from beginning to the end.

  20. Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis* - Seven Deadly Sins

    1977. Rinder & Lewis producers duo best album of which "Lust" catches my attention most.
    For me they are a bit cheesy in their productions, however the more techno and woolly songs are very enjoyable. Also VERY notable is Patrick Adams who produced Cloud One (similar atmosphere) some classic Disco and moved into the eighties with Electro Funk.

  21. The Coachouse Rhythm Section* - Nobody's Got Time / Time Warp

    1977. Really a Time Warp by Eddie Grant. In 1977 just a b-side and picked up in 1981 by DJ's. I do not touch Reggae (by the way: this is not reggae) yet in this list, although I must confess it is my shortcoming.

  22. Easy Going - Easy Going

    1978. Do It Again is a great example of disco club sound of seventies euro disco. Although I am more into the cover of the next record, I very much respect the gay culture in dance music.

  23. Goody Goody - Goody Goody

    13 For Sale from $11.00

    1978. Is this a great record from one the most respected disco producers or am I just a sucker for great covers...
    It's both.
    Mr. Vincent Montana jr. (Salsoul Orchestra and many more)

  24. Decimo* - Theme From Shaft (Disco Version)

    6 For Sale from $24.72

    1978. Blacksplotation, Italian remix. One of the best disco.