Early 1990s Italian Deep House

By Magnetonium Magnetonium
updated over 6 years ago

One of the most beautiful, innovative and captivating genres of EDM - Italian Deep House. In no particular order - a short list of my most favourite Italian deep house productions of that 1988-1994 era. A combination of deep, hypnotic, piano and experimental stuff.

  1. Dirty Trick Featuring Lucky EF - Peace... Inside My Heart

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    Inside My Heart (Inside Version) - featuring Lucky EF

  2. Morenas - Hazme Soñar

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    Note that there are several versions of this release, and they are NOT the same. The two best ones (DIFFERENT RELEASES!) are DFC 018 (1989) and DFC 020 (1990). The first one doesn't have the amazing track "Somnambulism" while the second one doesn't have the best remixes of the Hazme Sonar track. Check out both EP's :)

  3. D.J.'s Inside - That Feeling

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    Very trancy and progressive, classic MBG label (very good, legendary label)

  4. Don Carlos - Aqua

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    Make no mistake - all tracks are 100% Italian.

  5. Don Carlos - Alone

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    This is my all-time favourite Italian deep house track. In fact, this track got me into the genre. The rest is history, this track is a monster.