East Anglian Promise

By philbeard philbeard
updated 3 months ago

Music I like or am intrigued by from my native East Anglia...Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk and north Essex. Have left out the London end of Essex for reasons of space...am working up to a borderline of Clacton, Witham, Braintree, Royston, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Wisbech...

See http://www.youtube.com/user/philbeard#grid/user/BF40927F7C211AF9 for videos from about three quarters of these acts...

  1. Allan Smethurst, BBC Singing Postman* - Come Along A Me

    25 For Sale from $1.16

    The Singing Postman, from Sheringham. See also Bob Hart (2) - Songs From Suffolk.

  2. Pink Floyd - Ummagumma

    Cambridge psych/prog, featuring "Grantchester Meadows". Naturally also check out the Syd Barrett solo stuff...

  3. John Peel

    Great Finborough resident, DJ, legend etc

  4. Mike Dred


  5. 7



    Founded by laurence Bell, ex-of Ipswich's Sink...

  6. The Prodigy - Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005

    Braintree/Peterborough rave behemoth. See also DJ Trax (Witham/Cambs).

  7. Caspar Pound

    Peterborough-born technohead

  8. Force & Styles

    Clacton ravers, developed from Force & the Evolution and the starting point for Styles & Breeze and Darren Styles' solo career.

  9. Brian Eno

    Him & his brother Roger Eno originally from Suffolk

  10. Blur - Midlife: A Beginner's Guide To Blur

    77 For Sale from $1.17

    Colchester indie pop.

  11. Just Another Label

    Diss-based happy hardcore behemoth.

  12. Benjamin Britten

    Lowestoft composer

  13. Henry Cow

    Cambridge University avant group involving Fred Frith

  14. Richard Youngs

    Fen origins

  15. Saint Etienne

    Peterborough connection vibes...See also Joey Negro (Clacton), Groove Armada (Cambridge), Clean Bandit (Cambridge) & Nathan Fake (Norfolk).

  16. Extreme Noise Terror

    Ipswich grind. Connected to Raw Noise. See also Deviated Instinct/Spine Wrench from Norwich & Default (8) from Peterborough.

  17. Bearsuit - Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck

    2 For Sale from $3.68

    Norwich Sickroom Gramophonic (Alto 45 etc) tweecore. See also These Are End Times from Ipswich.

  18. Stormed - Beau-Terry

    9 For Sale from $5.26

    Cambridge post-2-Tone hippy ska.

  19. Jacob's Mouse

    Bury St Edmunds Wiiija act, still innovating in other ensembles...

  20. 22



    Classic Ipswich drum & bass

  21. Twink (4)

    Cambs/north Essex psych legend (Pink Fairies etc), later in 39 Orbits with Nick Annies (Shades of Rhythm, DJ Unity, Lee Coombs etc collaborator)

  22. Terry Edwards

    Wig-out sax player, ex- of Higsons, The (Romans In Britain Records).

  23. T.U.O.B.

    Colchester area lo-fi.