Edge Cases

By nik nik
updated 9 months ago

A list of edge case entries in the Discogs database. They contain exceptional amounts of data in one way or another, that have caused us challenges or unexpected surprises with how we contain and display the information. But we still love them!

  1. J. S. Bach* - Complete Edition · Gesamtwerk · L'Œuvre Intégrale

    11 For Sale from $95.96

    Probably the biggest, most complicated tracklist on Discogs

  2. Callas* - 25 Complete Operas

    6 For Sale from $39.00

    Another large entry. We needed to program in a check to stop the release edit showing the difference view, as this was timing out.

  3. Snuff (3) - Snuffsaidbutgorblimeyguvstonemeifhedidntthrowawobblerchachachachachachachachachachachayouregoinghomeinacosmicambience

    27 For Sale from $5.48

    Possibly the longest single word release title - causes all kinds of display problems on the release page. Bonus points, I saw these guys live in Greenock in 1990 :-)

  4. Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs - Radios

    2 For Sale from $8.00

    Longest Track Title;

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  5. No Artist - Discogs Dummy Release™

    The most database contributors on one release.

  6. Holland-Dozier-Holland

    A massive number of Name Variations for this artist.

  7. Chromium (3) - Fly On UFO

    Master Release has six releases under three different band names

  8. Various - Year Zero: The Exeter Punk Scene 1977-2000

    5 For Sale from $6.02

    3 different John (n)s, and 11 different Johns in total. Punk name!

  9. Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive

    11 For Sale from $58.14

    168 CD box set. Currently entered with a 'hack' consisting of HTML links to individual releases that are part of the whole box set.

  10. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon

    Most releases in a Master Release (750)

  11. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Second most releases in a master release (690)

  12. Led Zeppelin - Untitled

    Third most versions in a Master Release (650)

  13. Loredana* - Rain Rain Remixed

    55 remixes of the same track on one release!

  14. Various - Decca Sound - 55 Great Vocal Recitals

    2 For Sale from $65.00

    A lot of single track 'index trecks'