Electro Favourites 1981-1991

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  1. Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

    B1 Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

    The biggest and baddest!

  2. Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom

    Electric Kingdom (Instrumental - Dub Version)

  3. The Future (2) - Nuclear Holocaust

    Unclear Holocaust (Re-mix Version)

  4. Warp 9 - Light Years Away

    Light Years Away (Dub Version)

  5. Newcleus - Jam On It

    Jam On It (Instrumental)

  6. Unknown* And Three D* - Beatronic

    Beatronic (Long Version) (Ghetto Blaster Mix)

  7. High Fidelity Three - B-Boys Breakdance

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    B-Boys Breakdance (Instrumental)

  8. Professor X - Professor X (Saga)

    Professor X (Saga) (Instrumental)

  9. Unknown D.J.* - Basstronic

    Basstronic (Instrumental)

  10. Two Sisters - B-Boys Beware

    Hmmm. Two Sisters... Back in the day, I knew a couple of nice lovely sisters down at Seven Sisters Road :P:P:P