Electro Labels

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electro, bass, ghetto, breaks, some synth pop/minimal wave, some disco/italo/house, some acid.
only labels that feature at least some vinyl.
curated list locked at 250 entries, alphabetically sorted.

21/2021 - added Giallo Records, removed Cyberian Knights Records
11/2020 - added West Records, removed Buffalo Frequency
02/2020 - added C.N.M., removed Aerobic Audio
02/2020 - added Killer Green Recordings, removed Star Whores Records

  1. [k]rack-troni[k]

    Birmingham (UK) based electro breakbeat label run by Sir Real and 8-Bit Apocalypse. Mostly defunct since 2008.

  2. 7b Records

    Swiss electro label, Zurich based. Early to mid 2000s.

  3. Abstract Forms

    UK electro, techno and acid label run by Deixis, founded in 2007.

  4. Ace Records (US)

    Label from Florida, US. 1990s bass music.

  5. AC Records

    German electro, techno and acid label. Founded in 2009, still active.

  6. Afrosyntrix

    Small early 2000s electro sublabel from Detroit.

  7. Analogical Force

    Label from Madrid, Spain, started in 2015. Braindance music ranging from electro, IDM and acid.

  8. Angelmaker Records

    Dutch electro label run by Vincent Koreman (Ra-X).

  9. Area Code Records

    A small Miami-bass style electro label from the early to mid 90s.

  10. Atak Records

    US electro label releasing dancefloor tools. Active from mid 90s to early 00s.

  11. Audio Illusion Recordings

    UK electro label focusing on breaks, experimental and hardcore. Active from mid 90s to early 00s.

  12. 12



    Italo Disco and proto house re-edit or bootlegs, non legitimate releases label from UK. Defunct.

  13. Automatik-Datamatik

    German electro and acid house label, based in Dortmund and founded in 2008 by Interfunk (Adalberto). Releasing one-sided 12" vinyl with an average quantity of 66-99 copies.

  14. Barba Records

    Croatian label founded in 2014. Techno, electro, some house and some acid. Idea is to broaden the palette of what a 'techno' label can be. Features releases by DJ Stingray and Heinrich Dressel.

  15. BaseLogic

    Run by Ed Chamberlain. Abstract UK electro on the verge of IDM.

  16. Bass4Bots

    German label based in Berlin. Robot electro.

  17. Bass Agenda Recordings

    Label based in UK. Started in 2013. Electro, techno, Detroit influenced.

  18. Bass Force

    Detroit Electro label by Big Daddy Rick.
    (Removal pending)

  19. Bass Station Records

    US electro bass label from 1987.

  20. Battery Park Studio

    Electro label based in Germany, founded in 2010 by Prototype.

  21. Battle Trax

    UK electro breaks and bass label, founded in 1996 by Bass Junkie.

  22. Beathazard

    Classic electro and hip hop label based in Barcelona (Spain), founded by Downrocks. Late 00s.

  23. Bordello A Parigi

    Dutch Italo-Disco inspired label founded by Otto Kraanen (De Dupe).

  24. Bot. Records

    Sublabel of Satamile Records NYC.

  25. Bound Sound

    Bass music label from Florida, US. Early to mid 90s.