Emotional listener: Reset your brain

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Subjective. Just for my personal enjoyment. In no particular order of preference (in fact fully pell-mell).En fin bref, soudain l'envie m'a pris de faire une liste,quoi...
Emotion:"A state of mental agitation or disturbance "

  1. Jean-Jacques Perrey - Prélude Au Sommeil

    One of electronic music 's earliest pioneers. Only 500 copies were pressed and given to hospitals and mental institutions.1958...+500 numbered copies edited in 2018 (remastered) courtesy of Fantôme Phonographique!!

  2. Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pour L'Échafaud

    Recorded at Le Poste Parisien Studio in Paris on Dec 4 & 5 1957. This soundtrack preceded and introduced, notably, Kind of Blue ( recorded March 2 & April 22 1959).one of the best film noir atmosphere.Oppressive, fatalism, anxiety...

  3. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme


  4. Vladimir Cosma - Insolite And Co.

    2 For Sale from $55.56

    1969. Library Music = A treasure-trove of stored moods/emotional states .

  5. Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes

    In 1970 he became a disciple of Pandit Pran Nath and made the first of his numerous trips to India.
    Live solo improvisation. Los Angeles 18 April 1971/ Paris 24 May 1972 (Le Théatre de la Musique).
    Sufi meditation (Semazen).

  6. Steve Reich - Four Organs / Phase Patterns

    1970. HYPNOTIC extension of one chord.

  7. Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians

    Composed from 1974 to 1976" ...has the feel of a western classical/African ensemble emulating the feel & sound of gamelan with a slightly more Javanese feeling in its meditative repetition..."
    A new compositional language...via john Coltrane! (Modal explorations/African roots).
    Cover artwork by the artist Beryl Korot (Reich's wife).

  8. Ariel Kalma - An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)

    A balm for the Dark Night of the Soul "...éther , éther ... eh! Terre

  9. Fripp & Eno - (No Pussyfooting)

    I stumbled upon this record 30 years ago, probably attracted to this strange/glacial cover artwork. In my young mind, this sounded like a kind of tibetan mantra/north Indian classical raga, mystical & deep. A shock.1973.
    Photography cover by Willie Christie inspired by the Yayoi Kusama 1965 "Infinity Mirror Room "/Lucas Samaras "The Mirrored Room"1966.

  10. Ennio Morricone - Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna

    Lucio Fulci film. 1971.Psychedelic nightmares. Francis Bacon, Dali, Freud...

  11. Bruno Nicolai - The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave

    11 For Sale from $24.99

    The great Bruno Nicolai,right hand man to Morricone. Score to the 1971 Emilio Miraglia Giallo film.

  12. Armando Sciascia - Sea Fantasy

    1972. Experimentalist,genius.

  13. Piero Umiliani - Il Corpo (Colonna Sonora Del Film)

    The last one of Luigi Scattini's trilogy. Zeudi Araya...
    Piero Umiliani,il grande maestro.1974.Erotism.

  14. Piero Piccioni - Camille 2000

    MY ALL TIME FAVORITE COMPOSER. Serious chills.1969.Film by Radley Metzger. Contemporary reworking of A Dumas 'La Dame aux Camélias.

  15. François De Roubaix - L'Antarctique & Autres Séances Électroniques Rue De Courcelles

    1974.Jacques-Yves Cousteau avait fait appel á lui pour un documentaire "Voyage au Bout du Monde-L'Antarctique" mais...il préféra Ravel (!).
    Prėcurseur,alchimiste, poète...LA MER.

  16. Henri Texier - Varech

    La Bretagne ! 1977.
    2018 reissued (Bravo!)

  17. Jordan De La Sierra - Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose

    1977. Recorded live in Grace Cathedral. Natural reverberations. Melancholy,contemplation.