Energy 92.7 Chicago 2001-2002

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Songs that were played on this short-lived dance radio station (WKIE Energy 92.7 & 92.5) in the early 2000s, from January 2001 to January 2003. Time period of tracks is 1996-2002 and mixture of Euro dance, trance, house, hard house, and dance-pop.

The station had a cult following in the Chicagoland area and picked off where B96 left off after the latter began focusing more on Hip Hop and R&B rather than dance beginning in the late 1990s and more so throughout the 2000s.

There were Energy stations in San Francisco and Phoenix (both of which are now defunct) that launched shortly after the Chicago station's demise in January 2003.

The pre-2001 tracks are likely those that the "Energy" stations in Chicago, San Francisco, and Phoenix would have played had those stations existed earlier. However, stations like college radio station Energy 88.7 and now-defunct Cyber Radio did play several of these tracks

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