Environmental Black Metal

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Best black metal bands on topics:

animal liberation, Earth liberation, ethical veganism, environmentalism, ecocentrism, anarcho-primitivism.

No NSBM !!!


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  1. Melodic atmospheric black metal from the anarcho-punk community of Arizona. Vocalist Shelly Delbridge, known for her work in punk band Contravene, delivers lyrics that draw elements of DBM (depressive black metal) and analyses the meaning (or lack thereof) of life surrounded by insidious, greedy people and the need to fight against them internally.

  2. Agowilt is a vegan USBM band with elements of doom metal, influenced by the philosophies of thinkers like John Zerzan, Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), and Guy Debord. Their lyrics reflect the ideas of the nonviolent wing of anarcho-primitivism. According to the band, „We are not using this band as a tool to merely regurgitate the ideas of others, but as a tool to develop and spread our own unique analysis and critique“.

  3. Cascadian black metal band Alda sympathizes with eco-anarchism and reflects its philosophy in their lyrics, which celebrate nature and the reclaiming of the world through atavism.

  4. Black metal with crust elements, Ancient Emblem is a Basque vegan band that strongly opposes theism and authorities in their lyrics. The only religion for them is Mother Earth, and the only law is the Law of Nature. They mention symbols like the Ouroboros, symbolizing the cyclical nature of things, self-destruction, and self-renewal, and thus advocate for the self-destruction of civilization and the renewal of nature. The band members openly support anti-fascism and anti-speciesism. Additionally, some members play in other bands; for example, the bass player is part of the metalcore ALF band Justice Department.

  5. Blackened progressive metal band from Germany with a focus on animal rights and environmental issues.

  6. Blackened old-school death metal / blackened crust project from Australia that focuses on ecological apocalypse and the suffering caused by humans to other species. The sole member of the project is ethical vegan, Tamas Ferenczy.

  7. Blackened punk band from Lublin, Poland.

  8. Blackgaze band from Brazil. Lyrics deal with issues such as climate change, ecocide and capitalism.

  9. 9

    Black metal band from Indiana, USA.

  10. 10

    Atmospheric black metal from the USA. Project Awenden is clearly committed to the RABM scene but the lyrics aren't very political; They are all strongly influenced by the philosophy of anarcho-primitivism. Awenden is a project of one person who also plays in the environmental deathgrind band XCLASSACTIONX.

  11. The anarchist band Axidance comes from Ryazan, Russia, plays atmospheric blackened crust, although their first albums were in the style of classic crust punk. The lyrics have social and environmental overtones.

  12. Black metal with slight crust elements. In their lyrics, the eco-anarchist pagan project Baldaraz prioritizes nature over civilization and the destructive influence of capitalism. The lyrics are in German, Norwegian and Swedish.

  13. Vegan straight edge raw USBM band from Maryland. It is said to have been one of the first black metal bands of that line-up. The band was active between 2005-2011. Their lyrics were focused on topics such as green anarchism, separation from human society and criticism of animal abuse.

  14. Безбожник is an anarchist black metal band from Kirovgrad, Russia. The lyrics are not very radical, they resemble the lyrics of punk bands, they support things like vegetarianism, animal protection, and nature conservation.

  15. Cascadian black metal from the USA. A one-man project, Bloodfeather supports the Earth First! group. The lyrics address various anthropogenic ecological issues, particularly the extinction of species and the consequences of the climate crisis.

  16. The California-based band Botanist promotes the importance of flora in their lyrics, often at the expense of humanity, which they suggest should be replaced by plants. They label their songs as "plant metal" and "green metal". It's also noteworthy that they use a hammered dulcimer instead of an electric guitar. Some members of Botanist are also involved in other similar bands; Ophidian Forest is particularly noteworthy in this regard.

  17. Vegan anarchist experimental black metal from Minnesota, USA. This band is also actively committed to occultism, anti-Nazism, anarcha-feminism, and the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT). The lyrics of the band present these philosophies in a more or less non-violent rhetoric.

  18. Bonjour Tristesse is a German post-black metal project by Nathanael, also known as Matthias from the left-wing band King Apathy (formerly Thränenkind). Nathanael has long been an active advocate for ethical veganism, the anti-fascist movement, the straight edge lifestyle, and environmental views. The lyrics focus on themes of spiritual loneliness in the urbanized concrete jungles and melancholy critiques of modern, industrialized civilization.

  19. 19

    Green black metal band from the German underground. The members are connected to the anti-fascist movement and all the money gained from this band is donated to various environmental NGOs. The lyrics are strongly influenced by ecocentrism: “The only good system is the ecosystem!”

  20. New York-based vegan melodic black metal project by a single person who identifies as an anti-fascist and anti-nationalist. The lyrics focus on themes of anti-speciesism, eco-nihilism, and a perspective of environmental misanthropy. The artist uses the initials "FC" as a nod to the eco-terrorist Ted Kaczynski.

  21. 21

    Blackened doom metal from the forest region of the Australian state of Victoria. The lyrics are influenced by atavism and memories of the destruction of indigenous land by civilization. It is a one-man project led by an eco-anarchist who has also been active with organizations such as Sea Shepherd on the MV Bob Barker.

  22. Eco-anarchist raw USBM band. The members, both girls and guys, come from the Texas anarcho-punk community. Circle of Vultures addresses environmental issues and ethical veganism in their lyrics.

  23. 23

    Black metal band from Brazil that combines elements of radical environmentalism and indigenous cultures in both its lyrics and music. Lyrics are in the languages of indigenous tribes, especially in Guarani. The band's political message is clear: anti-colonialist, environmental, and anti-nationalist. The band takes its name from the "corubo", an unofficial name for one of the uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest.

  24. 24

    Croich (Goat Teeth) is a local queer band from the US state of Ohio that plays occult atmospheric black metal. The band members support ethical veganism and ecofeminism.

  25. 25

    Cuscuta, in the original meaning of the word, is a designation for a genus of plants that live by parasitizing other plants. Cuscuta is also a one-person project that considers modern civilization to be a parasite and glorifies the collapse of civilization in songs. However, the lyrics have a social overlap and there is no blind misanthropy, although there is a strong influence of DSBM.

  26. Dawn Ray'd, a political blackened crust band from Liverpool, seeks to bring together themes such as veganism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, and social anarchism in a spirit of intersectionality. Their ideology is more focused on social issues than environmental ones, and some environmentalists issues they have even reject as "eco-fascist". However, it may still be relevant within the context of this list.

  27. Dead and Forgotten is a DSBM project by one person from Alessandria, Italy that combines the ideas of eco-anarchism, paganism, and eco-nihilism in lyrics.

  28. 28

    Deafest (formerly DunkelSkog) is a band that plays atmospheric Cascadian black metal. In their songs, they sing about nature and denigrate the artificial urban world. The band members are also the organizers of the anti-NSBM project, the Black Metal Alliance.

  29. A one-man vegan project that has two albums to his credit. The first is in the genre of raw atmospheric black metal, the second is in the genre of raw USBM. The lyrics are influenced by the occult worship of Nature and bear elements of a non-violent form of anarcho-primitivism philosophy. The author of the project allegedly has some affiliation with people from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

  30. Downfall of Gaia is a German vegan atmospheric post-black metal band with crust elements. In their lyrics, they share quite depressing stories about decline, dying, emptiness, and darkness, while at the same time, through hidden allegories, they unveil the absurdity of the vicious spiral of humanity.

  31. 31

    Doom metal band with black metal elements.

  32. Ecologist is a vegan atmospheric black metal project of one person from Santiago, Chile. All lyrics are environmentally-focused, drawing attention, for example, to the constant contamination of nature by the livestock industry and related industries.

  33. Ends Embrace is a vegan raw black metal / blackened noise project by one man, a member of the Navajo tribe of Arizona. Ideologically, he is influenced by the RABM scene but the lyrics are not very political. The lyrics sharply attack the advocates of the theistic religions, which make people apathetic to the destruction of the environment.

  34. Escaping Aghartha, an experimental project from North Carolina with a lyrical emphasis on environmental degradation due to anthropogenic causes, combines ambient music, death-doom, and doom metal. But the atmospheric blackened doom metal album "Evoke.Contrast.Evolve" (2019) is suitable for this list anyway. The lead member, Avery Dart, is a biologist and environmental conservationist.

  35. FaceOfAnother is a raw blackened crust band from Scotland. They are strongly influenced by political eco-anarchism. All the lyrics are nihilistic but also socially, humanistically, anti-racist, and anti-speciesist. They resemble the lyrics of more politically engaged anarcho-punk bands.

  36. Farrowing Shed is a vegan raw black metal project by one person from Canada. The project is exclusively aimed at promoting and supporting the animal liberation movement, and within this theme, the lyrics rarely slide from radicalism to anti-humanism. The author describes this project as "animal liberation black metal". However, it should be noted that the author rejects environmentalism, nature conservation, rewilding, etc.

  37. Glistening is a vegan raw atmospheric black metal project by one active musician who runs Extinctionist Records. He leads many other projects, the most interesting of which for this list are Farrowing Shed, Bodhisattva, and Solitarian. They all share a sharp anticarnist and antinatalist legacy. But beware, the author rejects environmentalism, nature conservation, rewilding, etc.

  38. GravislatrO is a vegan black metal project from central Spain. The project's lyrics are exclusively oriented towards promoting the animal liberation movement and anti-speciesism. The author, who goes by the name Kadgar, also leads many other black metal projects, the most interesting of which for this list are Trollfastheart and Pankuronium.

  39. 39

    Anarcho-primitivist black metal band from Basel, Switzerland. They also support the LGBT, GNWP and vegan movement.

  40. Black noise / raw USBM project with strong atmospheric elements, created by one person who is associated with the RABM scene. The lyrics are strongly influenced by eco-anarchism.

  41. Guthmensch is a German black metal band whose lyrics focus on anti-speciesism and anti-capitalism. Its founder is the eco-anarchist vegan Tim Rule, a musician well known in the metal Straight Edge scene, who runs Bound by Modern Age Records and who also plays in the great bands / projects Through Chaos & Solitude (black metal), Carnivore Crusher (death metal / grindcore), Forward to Eden (metalcore / edge metal) and xRESISTANCEx (hardcore punk). This band also has a social impact.

  42. Harrow (formerly known as Wraith) is a black metal band from the forests of British Columbia. In their lyrics, they atavistically describe the beauty of nature, which is decreasing due to human impact. The band members have also been involved in local environmental campaigns, such as the campaign against the construction of a gas pipeline through the local mountains.

  43. Hiverlucide is a side project from one of France's most prolific collectives, Non Serviam. The project takes listeners through the beauty, mystery, and destruction of the oceans, as the cries of whales are heard swimming through a harsh dissonant pool of guitars and synths. Genre: dark ambient / blackgaze.

  44. Eco-nihilist band from Greece. Their songs express misanthropy from an environmental perspective, conveying through lyrics that humanity is not and should not be considered a superior stage of creation, often referring to humans as parasites.

  45. Progressive / technical black metal band from the UK, focused on animal rights issues.

  46. Raw USBM originating from the extremist wing of anarcho-primitivism. The raw sound and aggressive lyrics against industrialization, civilization, and technological progress are present in all of the Florida band's songs, making them too extreme even for ordinary left-wing radicals and green anarchists.

  47. Blackened doom metal from Baltimore. Jera's band creates ritual pagan music, heavily influenced by anarcho-primitivism in lyrics, celebrating Nature and the days when humans were collectors and hunters. Politics is absent.

  48. 48

    Green anarchist raw black metal band from Guatemala.

  49. Main member Jonathan Surek is a vegan activist. For example, he was active in the local Anonymous for the Voiceless group. He also plays in similar projects, Schattenfestung and Cineastre. The lyrics do not exclusively discuss animal rights, but also cover topics such as mythology, nature, and witchcraft. However, the album with the characteristic title "Militante Tierschutzpropaganda (Militant Animal Rights Propaganda)" is certainly interesting for this topic.

  50. Kanto Arboretum is a band from Finland that plays atmospheric black metal. The lyrics tell stories of a near post-apocalyptic future in which the people of a ravaged Earth recover, the ruins of cities turn green, and the remnants of humanity learn to live in symbiosis with nature. This theory also incorporates a slight critique of capitalism and consumerism as the driving force behind the current state of the world.

  51. Blackened post-hardcore from Korolyov, Russia. Казнь is a one-man project that subscribes to the Straight Edge subculture, anti-fascism, and the animal liberation movement. However, the lyrics mainly deal with historical political topics.

  52. Vegan blackgaze / post-black metal band, formerly known as Thränenkind.

  53. The band Kluizenaer from Potsdam, Germany, belongs to the RABM scene. The members consider themselves anti-capitalists and promote intersectional veganism and feminism. However, the lyrics are not too radical; they express thoughts of anti-nationalism and anti-clericalism.

  54. RABM / atmospheric black metal from Moscow, Russia. The founding member of Kora also has an ambient project called Дно [Dno].

  55. 55

    Atmospheric black metal band from Kentucky, USA.

  56. Anarchist DBM (depressive black metal) from the Czech Republic. It is a one-man project, and the individual was also a member of several other bands, such as Blood in Our Wells, Tomorrow's Hell and Mass Genocide Process.

  57. Aggressive vegan USBM. Although the members of the band Lake of Blood share clear anti-Nazi and environmental attitudes in their personal lives, the lyrics are different. They are full of misanthropy, in which they stand up against human or inhuman entities waging war against Homo sapiens, written poetically, almost philosophically.

  58. Cascadian black metal with crust punk elements. The band Leech is influenced by the more moderate wing of anarcho-primitivism, as reflected in the lyrics. Not to be confused with other bands of the same name, this Leech comes from Salem, Oregon, and is led by vegan promoter Nate Myers.

  59. Skacore (early) / crust punk with a slight influence of black metal (End Progress). It is not directly a part of the black metal genre, but due to its thematic elements, this Canadian band should not be excluded. Previously, they played skacore / grindcore with standard anarchist lyrics, but later they switched exclusively to crust influenced by environmentalism and radical anarcho-primitivism.

  60. 60

    Very radical black metal project from Brazil speaks very sharply about the genocides and ecocides taking place in the South American jungles, openly supports the indigenous struggles against Bolsonaro's tyranny, and claims that heads must fall.

  61. Vegan blackened doom metal with elements of depressive black metal (DBM). The lyrics of the band Mania, from Salem, Oregon, sharply address human-led ecocides, species extinction, and pollution and are equally critical of theistic religions that justify destructive lifestyles.

  62. 62

    Czech anarchist band. Some members are vegan, but the lyrics are not focused on ecology. The members also play in several other bands, including Avvika (atmospheric sludge metal), Gattaca (neocrust), and Aralkum (hardcore punk), which are the most interesting themes for this list.

  63. Post-black metal band from Kentucky, USA.

  64. The Canadian vegan band focuses on animal rights, human rights, and environmental protection. However, they believe building a solid psychological shield with the help of elements such as antagonism, antipathy, pessimism, fear, and hatred is necessary to achieve these goals.

  65. Møllehøj is a female-fronted eco-anarchist black metal project consisting of Jennifer Christensen and several guest musicians.

  66. 66

    Hailing from Minnesota, USA, the one-man project Mur adheres to environmentalism.

  67. Radical eco-anarchist black metal band from the frozen Northwoods of Wisconsin.

  68. Melodic black metal from the Italian RABM scene. The members of the band Nachtschwarz share a strong anti-speciesist attitude and express anger towards the ruins left after the destruction caused by human actions. The lyrics are not pessimistic, nihilistic, or misanthropic, instead incorporating anarchist views criticizing the unsustainable modern world.

  69. 69

    Nöize is a DIY project of one man, who runs Ecological Ruído records. It is primarily blackened grindcore with strong ties to raw black metal. The lyrics are in the spirit of environmentalism and the defense of animal rights, the first albums contains also misanthropy from an environmental point of view, but they are in the form of more moderate rhetoric of ordinary punk bands.

  70. The Brazilian project of a one man, who runs Ecological Ruído records. It's black noise close to raw black metal. The lyrics are in the spirit of environmentalism and the defense of the philosophy of the animal liberation movement and ethical veganism.

  71. One-man German project that supports a radical form of ecocentric philosophy. His lyrics are full of misanthropy, renouncing Homo sapiens accessories in them. In his songs, for example, says: „Eat people. There are too many of them anyway. Livestock has suffered enough.“

  72. Vegan atmospheric USBM, a project of one man who joins the RABM scene. Its lyrics are initially influenced by a philosophy similar to Murray Bookchin's social ecology, later evolving to include a reverence for nature associated with spiritualism.

  73. The vegan RABM project from Brazil critically addresses social and environmental issues such as poverty, ecocide, pollution, and the policies of Bolsonaro. Its lyrics steer clear of extremist and misanthropic attitudes, opting instead for a politically conscious approach.

  74. Vegan DIY raw USBM band, composed of members who identify as green anarchists and belong to the non-violent wing of the Straight Edge subculture. Its lyrics embody environmentalism.

  75. Slovak eco-extremist one-man project ranges primarily in the genres of blackened grindcore and raw black metal, with occasional ventures into raw slamming death metal (Gerila) and goregrind (Čerstvé mäso). Its philosophical approach is heavily influenced by eco-nihilism, ecocentrism, and misanthropy from an environmental perspective. The lyrics are straightforward and provocative, advocating for the Earth liberation movement, animal liberation movement, and some neo-luddite ideals, but may appear overly anti-human to social radicals and too authoritarian to anarchists.

  76. Black noise project of one person from the UK. Philosophically, it is influenced by anarchism and nihilism. However, in the lyrics, gnosticism and environmentalism can be seen more explicitly. The cover of the 2012 album features a photograph of an arson attack carried out by the eco-terrorist group Earth Liberation Army in October 1998, causing $12 million worth of damage to a ski resort under construction.

  77. Cascadian black metal band from California, USA.

  78. Sacrificial Totem disbanded in 2006 after its main member, Nathan Exile Block, was arrested by the FBI and sentenced to more than 7 years in prison for his involvement in eco-sabotage arson attacks carried out by the local cell of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Not long after that, he began to support the radical ecological philosophy called "ATWA" (Air Trees Water Animals). However, many anarchists and anti-fascists have labeled Exile as an eso-fascist (esoteric neo-fascist) after his returning from prison in 2014, due to his posts on his now-defunct blog. Although Sacrificial Totem originates from the Cascadian black metal scene, most of its songs fall under the drone / ritual ambient genre, with the exception of the album Kurghan, which is a suitable fit for this list.

  79. 79

    Melodic atmospheric black metal band from Olympia, Washington. The lyrics advocate for a spiritual connection with nature and caution against misery and loneliness if such a connection is not made. Experienced musicians with eco-spiritual backgrounds have rotated in the group, such as field ecologist and climate student Yianna Bekris of Vouna who provides additional vocals. Some members have also been in the renowned band, Wolves in the Throne Room.

  80. Raw USBM with female vocals. This politically-charged band is heavily influenced by activism for the climate, anti-capitalism, and anti-fascism in their lyrics.

  81. Vegan anarchist blackened crust from Sweden. The lyrics discuss socio-ecological topics.

  82. Vegan Bernardo Rebelo blends avant-garde and progressive metal in his project. But he also released the black metal album "Black Nature" (2017) and the blackgaze / post-black metal album "Melancholia" (2018) under the Shrouded Serenity banner, which both qualify for this list. Don't overlook his brutal death metal project, Stinkbrute.

  83. A one-man project from Brandenburg (not to be confused with the similarly-named band from North Rhine-Westphalia) that embraces ecocentric philosophy. The first two albums were characterized by misanthropy from an environmental perspective, but later works incorporate elements of DSBM and anti-speciesism in their lyrics.

  84. 84

    Skagos is an atmospheric black metal project by Iskra's bassist Raymond Hawes.

  85. In the lyrics, the Norwegian vegan black metal band Skarntyde transforms into a beast that hunts humans. The tables have turned. "Skarntyde" is also the name of a plant - a highly poisonous variety that was used in the past to kill humans.

  86. Brazilian RABM with thrash metal riffs. A project which is lyrically focused exclusively on open support of the animal liberation movement, anti-speciesism and ethical veganism: „All our work is all a campaign on how to abolish cages, fences and any form of confinement and exploitation. It is the desire to break out every prison and bring down the industry that usurps the freedom of animals. No need for names, faces or acronyms as we are the cold eyes of lifeless animals. We are the shadows that rise before the capitalist hecatomb and we oppose the ravages of consumer selfishness. We are sabotage propaganda guided by the abolitionist struggle. We are the screwdriver intruded in the gear that crushes life, and we call this suffering.“ - they say.

  87. Vegan DBM (depressive black metal). A project by an active musician, antinatalist, who runs Extinctionist Records. The lyrics are about the fall of humanity and the return of the rest of humans to the wild forests. Despite these attitudes, the author does not advocate anarcho-primitivism, rewilding, nor anything like that, but rather anti-humanism.

  88. Extremist blackened crust band from the occupied Coast Salish Territories (British Columbia), which philosophy is too revolutionary even for left-wing radicals. While traditional anarchists advocate the abolition of governments in favor of freedom, the equality of society and the abolition of class barriers, Storm of Sedition advocates an anti-political green perspective that goes far beyond the struggles against capitalist institutions and the exploitation of workers. They are at war with civilization itself. Some members are vegans. They play in several similar bands, such as Black Kronstadt and Iskra.

  89. Left-wing atmospheric black metal band from the USA. Lyrics criticize capitalism, neoliberalism and the destruction of the Earth by anthropogenic climate change.

  90. Blackened hardcore band from Arizona, USA.

  91. Sludge/doom metal with some black metal elements. Not actually black metal but this band cannot be missing here.

  92. Vegan experimental black metal with strong ambient elements. All lyrics are strongly influenced by environmental campaigns organized by organizations such as Earth First! but they also talk about the abuse of animals by humans, and they do so in quite a fantasy form, referring to each song released as a new message to humanity from the wizard Rintrah.

  93. A French one-man black metal project incorporating elements of thrash metal. The albums "React Then Act" and "Mind Liberation for Canadians" are of particular interest for this list due to their themes of green anarchism and nonconformism.

  94. The Secret was formed on the wreckage of the radical vegan straight edge metalcore band From the Dying Sky in 2003. While at the time that band from Trieste, Italy, shouted for a war to defend the Earth and animals, today The Secret celebrates a time when Homo sapiens will be punished definitively for its crimes against Nature and there will be a big restart. Black metal with grindcore influences.

  95. Atmospheric black metal band with lyrics about nature. The members also play in many other bands of which Echtra, Fauna, Alda and Sadhaka are the most interesting for this list.

  96. Atmospheric black metal project from Germany. The only member of Through Chaos & Solitude is eco-anarchist vegan Tim Rule, a musician well known in the metal Straight Edge scene, who runs Bound by Modern Age Records. In terms of lyrics, the project focuses exclusively on hot ecological topics, and they repeatedly mention, for example, the point of no return - a point that humanity is currently trampling on. This project has strong environmental and social overlaps.

  97. 97

    Vegan radical RABM from Brazil with very political, pro-revolutionary lyrics that focus on President Bolsonaro's fascist and ecocidal policies. However, Tiffo also openly supports, for example, LGBT movements and pro-Kurdish armed groups like the IRPGF.

  98. Post-black metal band from Nottingham, UK.

  99. Ambient black metal band from Oregon, USA. The lead member (SGL) stated in 2004 that the band had direct links to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and described himself as an environmentalist. However, the band's lyrics are not environmentally oriented, and the band members are carnivorous.

  100. 100

    USBM band with relatively strong screamo and post-metal elements. The lyrics focus exclusively on observing the relationship between humanity and nature, depicting human vanity and short-sightedness. Despite the absence of explicit misanthropic manifestations in the lyrics, the conclusion is that the problem is human presence itself, which hinders the Earth's ability to breathe and will ultimately destroy it.

  101. The indigenous band Voice Eater from Arizona actively combines aggressive raw black metal with noisecore. In their lyrics, they openly promote radical anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-fascism, and support organizations such as EZLN. Some lyrics are in the languages of the indigenous tribes of Central America.

  102. 102

    Transcendental atmospheric black metal / blackened krishnacore band from Indianapolis, USA.

  103. 103

    Wake (formerly known as Boreal) was a band that played Cascadian black metal. The lyrics dealt exclusively with non-political, environmental issues: our planet is in danger of destruction due to human activities and we must wake up from our lethargy and realize the consequences of our actions for our own survival.

  104. Post-black metal from Bremen, Germany. The members of the band Weeping Willow are green anarchists from the hardcore punk scene, they usually play concerts with hardcore, grindcore, and crust bands. The lyrics correspond to this, as they are influenced by this scene and address ethical, ecological, and social issues.

  105. Drone ambient black metal one-man project from Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

  106. Vegan Cascadian black metal from Portland's forests. Wild's Reprisal is a one-man project of Gedden Cascadia, an activist, who is involved in the environmental movement Cascadia Forest Defenders. The project promotes a strong ecocentric philosophy, leaning towards radical deep ecology. All lyrics are composed of passages from essays by philosophers such as Aldo Leopold, Arne Næss, George Sessions, Warwick Fox, Garrett Hardin, Rachel Carson, Greta Gaard, Freya Mathews, and Carolyn Merchant. He also addresses key issues such as overpopulation and the climate crisis. Wild's Reprisal has a strong environmental as well as social impact.

  107. German band playing rhythmic neocrust with black metal elements, Wind in his Hair is a side project of straight edge vegans from the post-metal band King Apathy (formerly known as Thränenkind). The band aims to remind in the lyrics that life on Earth is not possible without respect for nature, and is influenced by anarcho-primitivism and supports rewilding.

  108. Vegan blackened crust with female vocals (although the band's first albums were sludge crust, I would say). Lyrically, this Texas band is influenced by green anarchism, anarcho-primitivism, and a bit of misanthropy from an environmental point of view.

  109. German atmospheric black metal with elements of a depressive ambient. Present slow pace and message of lyrics promoting the philosophy of ethical veganism and eco-anarchism.

  110. Post-black metal band from Washington, USA. Judging from their lyrics, they sympathize with the Cascadian Independence Project and the general eco-regionalist ideology of the cascadian BM scene. At least three band members are anarchists.

  111. Atmospheric black metal from the USA. Woman Is The Earth is a band from the deep forests of South Dakota, hidden hundreds of kilometers from big cities, which is also reflected in the lyrics. They speak of an insurmountable desire to reconnect with the spirit of the natural world in today's times when this life-giving connection is rapidly falling apart. The lyrics have both ecological and social overtones.

  112. DIY project of one eco-anarchist from California. The project existed from 2007 to 2009, genre: raw atmospheric black metal.

  113. Vegan band from Texas, USA. Genre: DSBM (early) / edge metal (later). Formerly known as Yidak, now as Wings of Kynareth.

  114. -- waiting to be listed --

    Blackened death metal / blackened industrial death metal.