Essential Albums

By Dan_of_Steel Dan_of_Steel
updated over 3 years ago

I've compiled a list of favorite albums, entire LP's that just click.

  1. Real Estate (2) - Days

    Best album from this band as of 2015. I'm not knocking Atlas, it's just that this album transitional as it is captures a moment in time. A moment that I was able to witness. There are other quintessential albums in my list that I wasn't old enough or alive at all to enjoy upon their releases.

  2. Down (3) - NOLA

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    The American answer to Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality, Twenty-four years later.

  3. Rush - Signals

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    Favorite Rush ALBUM

  4. Talkingheads* - Remain In Light

    4 For Sale from $19.75

    This was my entry point into the Heads.