Essential Hardcore/Jungle CD's

By DeckardsRecords DeckardsRecords
updated 3 days ago

classic Hardcore, Jungle & D&B you must own, available on CD and through HQ downloads, from underground pioneers that defined this golden era...

  1. L.T.J Bukem* - Logical Progression

    10 For Sale from $17.43

    great starting point to your drum n bass collection, its a must have with some of the all time best classics

  2. PFM - Producer 02

    if theres one name thats gets mentioned alot for being a pioneer in atmospheric dnb, its PFM, this compilation really is a must have, mike has to be one of the biggest legends in dnb production, very few dnb artists have a consistent production skill as mike did, especially on the good looking catalogue

  3. Various - Points In Time 001

    9 For Sale from $12.78

    great series from a great label, good looking compiles all the original full length recordings with all the classics from its catalogue, great CD to own if you can't fork out all that money for the original pressings on vinyl

  4. Various - Metalheadz Platinum Breakz

    26 For Sale from $5.70

    everyone will recognize some of these dark classics from of course metalheadz, a must have for any dnb listener

  5. L.T.J. Bukem* / MC Conrad - Promised Land (Volume One)

    5 For Sale from $21.13

    2 CD compilation with a belter of a mixed CD from bukem and conrad on vocals, some of the best spacey dnb tracks you'll ever hear with conrad on full form