Experimental Avant-garde Electronic Music

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updated 8 days ago

My collection of strange crazy weird electronic music from the old to the new. There are even those I've managed to get a good price back in the day, compared to these days. Some items here I've originally included in a Listmania List on amazon.com.

  1. Various - OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948-1980)

    23 For Sale from $12.97

    I first heard about this particular compilation when listening to a radio. That's when it was first release as a 3-CD set. This version I've sold.

  2. Various - OHM+ : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music : 1948 - 1980

    13 For Sale from $38.31

    NOW, I have this newer reissue with the bonus DVD.

  3. Various - Forbidden Planets (Music From The Pioneers Of Electronic Sound)

    2 For Sale from $20.34

    Some of the tracks from OHM+ (and a few other similar compilations) also appear in this one. Others you may not find anywhere else.

  4. Various - Forbidden Planets Volume Two (More Music From The Pioneers Of Electronic Sound)

    The second volume to one fine collection of electronic sounds.

  5. Various - Electronic Music: It Started Here...

    19 For Sale from $5.19

    Very much like "Forbidden Planets", vols. 1 & 2. Not quite a "3rd volume" since it has a few "duplicate" tracks. But it's still a good addition of electronic music from the '50 and early '60s.

  6. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / First A-Chronology 1921-2001

    19 For Sale from $11.36

    I thought this outta go along with OHM. I knew that it was a first in a series, which I later on read somewhere that there was going to be 7 of them.

    This includes:
    - Henri Pousseur's "Scambi", which can also be found in Forbidden Planets, Vol. 1
    - Edgard Varèse's "Poeme Electronique", also on OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948-1980)
    - "Chorale" also on Forbidden Planets, Vol. 2.

  7. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Second A-Chronology 1936-2003

    13 For Sale from $12.97

    More weird electronic music (and other "different" stuff). Also incldues "Song" from Tod Dockstader's Aerial #1 and Daphne Oram's "Four Aspects" from Oramics.

  8. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Third A-Chronology 1952-2004

    5 For Sale from $25.96

    Even more weird early and recent electronic music. Includes "Klangstudie II" by Herbert Eimert and Robert Beyer, which was featured in OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948-1980) and Forbidden Planets, Vol. 1.

  9. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth A-Chronology 1937-2005

    2 For Sale from $38.64

    When I first found this, it was like, "What's this? Another one!"

    I prefer the version of Steve Reich's "Pendulum Music" on this over the one on OHM. Includes the complete version of Jean-Claude Risset's "Mutations", in which an edited version was featured on OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948-1980).

  10. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fifth A-Chronology 1920-2007

    1 For Sale from $58.44

    No doubt, here was another one in the series.

    The last track is Part 1 of Lumière by Dub Taylor.

  11. Various - An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Sixth A-Chronology 1957-2010

    And there's another! I wondered if there was going to be one more.

    Includes Tzvi Avni's "Vocalise", that's also featured in Electronic Music (TV 34004S).

  12. Various - An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music / Seventh And Last A-Chronology 1930-2012

    The 7th and last volume of the series. The whole series make one fine variety of electronic and other unusual stuff.

    My least favorite track: "Shambles" by Warong Rachapreecha. At least, it lasts only a minute.

  13. Various - An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008

    13 For Sale from $17.73

    Oh yes, this outta be a fine addition to the 7-volume anthology, also by Sub Rosa.

  14. Various - Imaginary Landscapes: New Electronic Music

    7 For Sale from $3.90

    One of my favorite CDs of various electronic works on 1 disc. Add that to OHM as well as the "Anthology" series.

  15. Laurie Spiegel - Obsolete Systems

    One of the important women in electronic music.

  16. Laurie Spiegel - Unseen Worlds

    A seller was offering me this CD when I got "Obsolete Systems". What an unexpected deal!

  17. Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe

    6 For Sale from $13.09

    One fine collection of electronic works from '74 to '77.

    There are various compilations that feature a few tracks from The Expanding Universe. The ones I have:

    "Drums" also on Obsolete Systems
    "Appalachian Groove I" also on OHM.

    One particular thing wrong with this is that the white text on yellow is not very easy to read. However, I've found a link where you could read the liner notes much easier.

  18. George Harrison - Electronic Sound

    25 For Sale from $9.08

    This is soooo different from what you would expect from ANY members of The Beatles. The music is more like improvised sounds on a synthesizer. If it's not for you, you might want to sell it. I'm keeping mine.

  19. Various - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973

    7 For Sale from $10.00

    I first heard this album on broadcast.com (which would later become Yahoo! Broadcast). It was just what I was expecting: Weird crazy electronic music from way back when. :-]

  20. Various - Pioneers Of Electronic Music

    4 For Sale from $12.00

    I was sorta hesitating when it was released on Composer Recordings, Inc. Then it went out of print. But then, I've read that New World Records acquired the CRI catalog. Then this compilation got re-released on New World Records. Good thing I had enough patience.

  21. Vladimir Ussachevsky - Film Music

    13 For Sale from $3.75

    If you like Ussachevsky's electronic works, then you outta add this to your collection.

  22. Various - Source: Music Of The Avant Garde - Source Records 1-6, 1968-1971

    9 For Sale from $25.53

    If you like experimental, avant garde, electronic music, then you may wanna check this out.

  23. Tod Dockstader - Eight Electronic Pieces

    5 For Sale from $13.15

    Some sellers are charging a lot of money for this Tod Dockstader album. I've managed to find a new CD at a good price.

  24. Dockstader* - Quatermass

    3 For Sale from $9.99

    If you like his electronic works then check this out.

  25. Dockstader* - Apocalypse

    10 For Sale from $9.75

    I first heard "Part 2" on the OHM compilation. Comical at times (which, I believe was unintentional). Try listening to the part starting at 1:05. That's one of the funniest sounding parts of this piece. But yet, I would agree that it's a good piece for anyone who's into experimental electronic music. No doubt, the whole CD is worth it.