Experiments, gimmick and concept albums, bands and labels.

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Albums and bands that are gimmicks, experiments or conceptual stuff.

PS:If you have more albums that you think that would fit on this playlist, just send me a pm and I will check if it fits in the list.

-NO field recordings albums, unless its different things like the motorbike engine field recordings, the recording that an frozen mic made, a burning mic recording stuff, john cage 4'33'' song.....
-NO lyrical based concept albums.

Artists with no side projects at the list.
Artists with side projects also at the list.
Releases from artists with just one release at the list.
Releases from artists with one release and one collaboration release at the list.
Releases from artists with multiple releases/collaborations.
Releases by "No Artist" that don't form some sort of group.
Releases by "No Artist" that form some sort of group.
Releases by "Various Artists" that don't form some sort of group.
Releases by "Various Artists" that form some sort of group.

  1. Less Ego More Noise

    At this label, the artist name, number of songs (max 6 and min 1), album name, album cover and song name are selected at a semi random way, similar to those "create your own album from random wikipedia article names" threads people do on forums.
    PS:Most of the stuff released by this label would fit on this list, because of other reasons, other than the ones that I am already saying here on this text, but wont add them "twice", check the label for more albums that fit this list.

  2. Parapsychic Acoustic Research Cooperative

    Label that releases albums with EVP.

  3. One Second Lain Records

    "Label releases only one second singles about the anime Serial Experiments Lain."

  4. Honey Disco

    Label presses artists releases on beewax.

  5. Archiseztsfew-koū Thirty Records

    "All releases must be 30 seconds or under."

  6. Tu M'p3

    On this label tu takes picture of something and the artists make music based on this pic.

  7. 8 Ravens

    This label releases demos in 8 kbps bitrate.

  8. Microbit Records

    All tracks released on this label are encoded in low bitrate (from 1 kbps to 64 kbps)

  9. Unaware Records

    Songs relased on this label have a low bit rate.

  10. Collezione Del Silenzio

    "Each tape is associated with a letter of the alphabet.
    Each letter is associated with an artist.
    Each letter gives birth to an unwanted word.
    The music is the artist's personal vision of silence. "

  11. NONE records (3)

    "NONE records is an anti-label for static and ephemeral anti-releases by musicians and artists."

  12. Recycled Music

    This noise label records his music over recycled cassette tapes, with that, each tape become a unique thing.

  13. Zero Info

    Albums released on this label are released with a white cover, with band name and song names as .
    The first album name had the name of . the second had the name of .. the third, of ... and this go on...

  14. 20kbps Records

    Songs relased on this label must have low bit rate.

  15. Unicode Music

    Noncommercial netlabel from releasing music with the highest bitrate of 32 kbps.

  16. Abulia Concepts

    Stuff released on this label must have low bit rate.

  17. AtMoment Rec.

    "1. Make a recording just when you feel like doing it, or when you think about music. If you're carrying a recording device just hit record and stop whenever you want.
    2. Take a photo if you have here a camera.
    3. Submit."

  18. Bent Recs

    Netlabel focused on databending releases: converting images, texts, directories, videos, any material, to sound format, with or without postprocessing.

  19. 4m@-records

    This label release albums made be fit in a diskette.
    Files cannot exceed 1.44 megabytes and the cover art need to be exactly 198 X 153.

  20. Floppy Swop

    Label founded to release computer files that are under 1.44Mb in size - the intention being that they fit on a floppy disc.

  21. Floppee Recordings

    Label that release floppies.

  22. Kalevala

    "[...] Label invented by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning to release a series of 7" singles inspired by their novel Bad Wisdom. Failing to find any real Lapp punk or Arctic soul acts like the ones they described in the book, Bill & Z invented the acts and hired musicians and singers in Helsinki to record the songs. "

  23. Haunted Voices

    Label has "Experimental CDr creating experimental sounds for use in EVP research"

  24. Michael Esposito

    Produce EVP related albums.

  25. 25

    The 17

    The 17

    The idea behind this project is to imagine, all music disappeared, all musical related items too, and all knowledged about it is forgotten. The only thing people know about music is that it was a good thing and they want to try to do it again.
    People can send create a musical score and send to the site of the project, the music must be able to be played by people without musical knowledge and also must be able to be played without items and etc, require only the human voice...
    The group the 17 will play some of those scores.