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Supraphon (and rarely also Panton) releases, produced, repackaged or reissued for the PZO Artia* export company.

Usually credited on releases as “Artia Prague”, with a “flying horse” logo. On many releases from the 1950s and 1960s however, “Artia” remained uncredited; most of them are still easily identifiable by unique catalog number schemes, usually beginning with “SU”. New releases since the early 1970s were released with the unified Supraphon catalog numbers, usually adding the Artia logo on the sleeve as an identifier; while represses or reissues of older releases were usually reusing the old original catalog numbers in various forms. (See also the Supraphon profile for common catalog# schemes.) Another identification help of an Artia release is the language: releases with credits in Czech only are not Artia releases, while releases with credits in English, German, Russian, or multilingual usually are, even if there is no mention of “Artia” at all.

According to several Czech discographers and collectors, the full original list of all releases ever produced for and distributed by Artia is supposedly lost for good. This list is thus yet another piece of the “Artia puzzle”.

*) PZO = Podnik zahraničního obchodu = literally “Abroad Trade Enterprise”, aka “Unitary Enterprise” in communist legalese English. Artia was originally founded as a stock company for import and export of cultural goods, but transformed into a PZO in 1953 as the Czechoslovak cultural goods import/export monopolist, later incorporating a publishing house as well. The enterprise became obsolete with the political changes in Czechoslovakia and in all other COMECON countries around 1990, and was liquidated in 1994.

Pop/jazz records are sorted by main artist’s last name or by group name, followed by V.A. releases, followed by unsorted classical releases.
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  2. Citron - Tropic Of Cancer

    7 For Sale from $4.66

    Citron (LP)

  3. Karel Gott - Kontrasty

    12 For Sale from $1.25

    Gott (LP)

  4. Hana & Dana, ORM - Par Avion

    14 For Sale from $1.17

    Hana & Dana (Kamelie) (LP Panton)

  5. Hana & Dana, ORM - Talisman

    15 For Sale from $1.75

    Hana & Dana (Kamelie) (LP)

  6. Hana And Dana* - Closer

    27 For Sale from $0.93

    Hana & Dana (Kamelie) (LP)

  7. Hana Hegerová - Prague Songs

    4 For Sale from $8.10

    Hegerová (EP)

  8. Jazz Q - Symbiosis

    4 For Sale from $34.96

    Jazz Q (LP)

  9. Karel Krautgartner Orchestra - KK 2

    8 For Sale from $12.82

    JOČR (Krautgartner) (LP)