Favorite Artists

By Tutotato Tutotato
updated over 7 years ago

  1. Joy Division

    The fragile desciption of black moments.

  2. Sonic Youth

    New York. The art of noise.

  3. Hüsker Dü

    Post-Hardcore in the void of emotions.

  4. The Cramps

    bZZZZ - Depraved insects from the post-punk era.

  5. Black Flag

    Dirty Hardcore spore for the future generations.

  6. Dinosaur Jr.

    Guitar walls spring flavoured

  7. 7

    X (5)

    X (5)

    Doe & Exene, We're desprerate!

  8. 8



    The irreproducible sound of fairies

  9. The Jesus And Mary Chain

    A black band in a tinker garage.

  10. The Smiths

    Is It Really So Strange?

  11. 11



    Darby Crash bleeding in loop

  12. Pavement

    Summer is coming with lo-fi-noise.

  13. Negazione

    Touch the Bottom and ribirth with poetic HC fury.

  14. Big Black

    Natural consequences of suburban boredom.

  15. Alice In Chains

    What's sounds really grunge? What is grunge?
    A tripod dog.

  16. Motorpsycho

    Black hole/ Blank canvas

  17. My Bloody Valentine


  18. The Sound (2)

    From the Sun Records Music Store: "The Sound were tragically overlooked, no one speak of them as they deserve"

  19. The Gun Club

    Jeffrey Lee Pierce hell-bound blues

  20. Chrome Cranks

    punk meet blues and become more insane

  21. 21



    I make big music, fat and ugly, just like me, and I'm glad ...

  22. Meat Puppets

    Kurt do you know this guys?

  23. Bitch Magnet

    Monolithic and monumentally Post-HC-Noise.

  24. Social Distortion

    The Ness Cali-punk

  25. The Replacements

    Let it be