Favorite Artists

By TheBlueBoy TheBlueBoy
updated 2 months ago

A list of my favorite artists. Loosely based on ranking, especially the top 20.

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  3. DJ Cam Quartet

    Easily the best project fusing jazz and hiphop around. Pure listening pleasure.
    Essential album: 'Rebirth Of Cool' (2008)
    Essential tracks: 'New York New York', 'It's Yours' and 'Inside My Love (For Minnie)'

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  5. Moca (3)

    German collective with an excellent sense for putting together marvelous grooves, but can produce extremely relaxing tracks as well.
    Essential album: 'Tempomat' (2005)
    Essential tracks: 'Der Springende Punkt' and 'Jaguar'

  6. Daniel Ibbotson

    Is able to produce some of the most stunning downtempo tracks around, yearning and full of melancholia.
    Essential album: 'New Stories' (1997)
    Essential tracks: 'Far Places', 'Depart' and 'Recognise'

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