Favorite Artists

By vantz
updated over 2 years ago

To this list I'm adding people who had made music that deeply influenced me, changed my life and made it worth living. Music means very much to me, maybe the most important thing in my life, so to me these are very important people. I tried to maintain chronological order, but it's very hard and, thus, unprecise.

  1. That's why I listen to music at all. 5th concerto, Oborin/Gauk. I remember, I know who is the most important person in my life.

  2. This was my first step from "classical" music to "experimental" music. Though I had not realized that until much later.

  3. In walked luck and you looked in time. Never look back, walk tall, act fine.
    What can I say? Bowie is more like a constant companion.

  4. King Crimson were one of my earliest "non-classical" deep impressions. And my attachment to their music lives on.

  5. Monkey men.

  6. Take me anywhere.

  7. The cup of crimson wonder.

  8. It's very personal, maybe one of the most important things in my life.

  9. I'd like to mention RF separately from KC because listening to his own (solo) music was one of the best things which ever happened to me.

  10. Turn like a wheel inside a wheel. That's the energy and hitting the spot. No more of that boring art-rock διάρροια

  11. He had more fruitful collaborations than anyone in the world!

  12. Вы спросите: - Му! Где кого я видел? Я отвечу: - Всех вас видел. Где - не скажу!

  13. In every dream home a heartache.

  14. 4D music, he always wanted to get from music something more than music.

  15. Personal history. The first CD I've ever bought was Matching Mole (s/t).

  16. Ааа!.. Что ты ходишь?!!... Ааа!.. Чего ты хочешь?!!...

  17. It begins with a blessing, it ends with a curse, making life easy by making it worse.
    That's how Mr. Wyatt came into my life.

  18. Lou Reed.

  19. Robert Wyatt.

  20. Personal history.

  21. That was one of my turns. Treasure.

  22. Maybe his taste is dubious, but certainly he made a lot of very good music.

  23. 23

    I am, you are, we are CRAZY!

  24. Music is a big thing. That's the message.

  25. Nico.