Favorite Artists

By Kadee1
updated 4 months ago

  1. Such a mellifluous tunesmith!

  2. Impossible to encapsulate Oasis in just a few words. Did a lengthy description under "Artist"; Here, I will just say, the best song, in my opinion, that captures Oasis' essence, the most..."Some Might Say"!! Hands Down!

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    Have only discovered the VERY BEST BAND to come out of the USA in decades!!!!!!!!! Also, the most unknown...very puzzling & unfortunate, yet true. Everywhere I've read a customer review, the recurring theme is "Why Have I Never Heard Of This Band??!!!" GOOD QUESTION!! They're like some Insiders' Secret, but once you do find them; you'll love 'em & you'll pass the word along...Britt Daniel and Spoon seem to be the "Darlings of the 'Indie' Music Community" & once you HAVE heard them, you'll understand why (but, not why they aren't HUGE across the entire country)!!

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