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  1. Oasis (2)

    Impossible to encapsulate Oasis in just a few words. Did a lengthy description under "Artist"; Here, I will just say, the best song, in my opinion, that captures Oasis' essence, the most..."Some Might Say"!! Hands Down!

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    Have only discovered the VERY BEST BAND to come out of the USA in decades!!!!!!!!! Also, the most unknown...very puzzling & unfortunate, yet true. Everywhere I've read a customer review, the recurring theme is "Why Have I Never Heard Of This Band??!!!" GOOD QUESTION!! They're like some Insiders' Secret, but once you do find them; you'll love 'em & you'll pass the word along...Britt Daniel and Spoon seem to be the "Darlings of the 'Indie' Music Community" & once you HAVE heard them, you'll understand why (but, not why they aren't HUGE across the entire country)!!

  3. Richard Ashcroft

    Such a mellifluous tunesmith!

  4. Beady Eye

    Ya gave it up too soon, Liam!!! "Different Gear, Still Speeding" was what you do best...should've stuck with that producer. I still fear ya may end up another rock & roll casualty. You NEED to sing!!!!

  5. Goo Goo Dolls

    What's not to like about these guys?! They seem really down-to-earth for the huge musical careers they've had. They're very generous & benevolent with their fans, making CD/DVD's. Putting on a FREE, live concert in their hometown of Buffalo, New York!! And, c'mon, what gal wouldn't want to "Slide" with Johnny Rzenik? Best rock haircut (male or female...ever!) And...that chin dimple!!!

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    SHIRLEY MANSON one of best rock voices of all time, male or female!!! Right up there with Joan Jett, Ann Wilson, Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox, & Patty Smyth, of Scandal!! And, this band actually looks like they enjoy themselves...I really like that, throughout the 90's; a nice change. Even with pretty heavy lyrics, Shirley smiles (& I think that helps balance those heavy lyrics) & really gives to her fans!! They all do!! Duke Erikson, Butch Vig & Steve Marker...GREAT BAND, who defy categorization! What's the hold-up Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?? Induct 'em already!! (P.S. Great new music just released 6/2016: "Strange Little Birds"!! Classic, but also fresh, vital & viable Garbage sound; they've accomplished what must be the bane of a lot of musicians...sounding like themselves without every song sounding like the last - Kudo's Garbage on a job well-done & an outstanding career...so hard to believe it's been 20 years!)

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  8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Have been familiar with "Spectre At The Feast" for several years; wasn't until I heard songs from "Baby 81' that I've been blown away by BRMC!!!

  9. Mando Diao

    Garage/punk/rock lives on!!!!! Hurray for the Swedish....they seem to be the rockers of the new millenium!!! Just heard Mando Diao today & bought their 2nd CD, "Hurricane Bar"...liked 'em THAT much, immediately!!!

  10. Social Distortion

    Love that somehow Social Distortion blended punk with rockabilly & rocked it!!!! Social D. the "real deal" with punk...more than lots of 1st wave punk. These guys lived it & they updated it from Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash bringing it straight to us, unfiltered!! The look, sound & stage presence! Eponymonius lp/cd: "White Light, White Trash, White Heat" (but I love "Live At The Roxy"!

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    Jet (2)

    Jet (2)

    Have every CD made & "Family Style" DVD...BEST GARAGE ROCK IN DECADES!!! Only band to replace AC/DC for me for car-driving music! Forlorn they split, but hope they'll reform, even if they only do the Aussie band thing! They're too talented to just stop. Update: December 2016. They're reforming in 2017 & opening for Bruce Springsteen, among others, on Australian tours. While I hoped this meant they would reform & restart, this doesn't sound like that, and if you listen to the lyrics on "Shaka Rock", it sounds like L.A., ("lving in the USA") wasn't all that it was cracked up to be & that they missed Australia...Still; one can hope!