Favorite Artists

By Little-One Little-One
updated 7 months ago

My top favorite artists in order from greatest to least

  1. Ed Ames

    Favorite LP: "It's a Man's World" (1966)
    Favorite Song: "Bon Soir Dame" (1967)

  2. The Ames Brothers

    Favorite LP: "Sentimental Me" (1951)
    Favorite Song: "Mockin' Bird Hill" (1959)

  3. Roy Rogers (3)

    Favorite Album: "The Country Music Hall of Fame - Roy Rogers" (Compiled in 1992)
    Favorite Song: "I'm Trusting in You" (1941)

  4. Fernando Ortega

    Favorite Album: "Hymns of Worship" (2003)
    Favorite Song: "Give Me Jesus" (2003)

  5. Perry Como

    Favorite LP: "Just Out of Reach" (1975)
    Favorite Song: "Magic Moments" (1957)

  6. Roy Rogers And Dale Evans

    Favorite LP: "The Bible Tells Me So" (1962)
    Favorite Song: "The Love of God" (1962)

  7. Dean Martin

    Favorite LP: "Martin Magic" (1958)
    Favorite Song: "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me" (1959)

  8. Marty Robbins

    Favorite LP: "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" (1959)
    Favorite Song: "Down in the Little Green Valley" (1959)

  9. Tennessee Ernie Ford

    Favorite LP: "Hymns at Home" (1961)
    Favorite Song: "Sweet Hour of Prayer" (1961)

  10. Nat King Cole

    Favorite LP: "The Very Thought of You" (1958)
    Favorite Song: "A Cradle in Bethlehem" (1960)

  11. Elvis Presley

    Favorite LP: "His Hand in Mine" (1960)
    Favorite Song: "He Knows Just What I Need" (1960)

  12. The Sons Of The Pioneers

    Favorite LP: "Cool Water" (1960)
    Favorite Song: "Twilight on the Trail" (1960)

  13. Keith & Kristyn Getty

    Favorite Album: "Hymns for the Christian Life" (2012)
    Favorite Song: "The Perfect Wisdom of Our God" (2012)

  14. Frankie Avalon

    Favorite LP: "A Whole Lotta Frankie" (1961)
    Favorite Song: "Tennessee Babe" (1960)

  15. Slim Whitman

    Favorite LP: "Love Song of the Waterfall" (1965)
    Favorite Song: "Love Song of the Waterfall" (1965)

  16. Johnny Mathis

    Favorite LP: "Merry Christmas" (1958)
    Favorite Song: "The Twelfth of Never" (1957)

  17. Selah (2)

    Favorite Album: "Hiding Place" (2004)
    Favorite Song: "Through It All" (2004)

  18. Hank Snow

    Favorite LP: "I've Been Everywhere" (1963)
    Favorite Song: "Father Time and Mother Love" (1959)

  19. Steve Green (3)

    Favorite Album: "People Need the Lord" (1994)
    Favorite Song: "Broken and Spilled Out" (1994)

  20. Johnny Horton

    Favorite LP: "Johnny Horton Makes History" (1960)
    Favorite Song: "The S. S. Lureline" (1959)

  21. Jimmy Wakely

    Favorite LP: "Enter and Rest and Pray" (1957)
    Favorite Song: "Blue Shadows on the Trail" (1956)

  22. Harry Belafonte

    Favorite LP: "Calypso" (1956)
    Favorite Song: "Island in the Sun" (1957)

  23. Sergio Franchi

    Favorite LP: "Broadway...I Love You" (1963)
    Favorite Song: "Funiculi, Funicula" (1962)

  24. 101 Strings

    Favorite LP: "The Sugar and Spice of Rudolph Friml" (1958)
    Favorite Song: "Two Sleepy People" (1957)

  25. Tenth Avenue North

    Favorite Album: "Over and Underneath" (2008)
    Favorite Song: "Worn" (2010)