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By goodonya
updated over 10 years ago

boss dj selections without objections

  1. "Stand UP! The door's wide up, stand up!" There's very little about this group that doesn't have me bobbing my head or bouncing around. As far as electronic groups go, they top my list. The constant evolution without compromise is what I have always admired. (I guess it helps that my favorite DJ was once a seminal member of this group)

  2. If you don't know, educate yourself. There isn't enough space in this column to dissect all the reasons as to why he was one of the best ever.

  3. Technically, unreal; un-human, even. Unbelievably consistent. Often times, brutal, mechanical, abstract. The only group on my list that I hope never, EVER stops writing and recording music.

  4. For the Daft duo, it has ALWAYS been about the music, the beats, the samples, the production. Most folks never heard "Homework", most folks were all up on "Discovery", most hated "Human After All" upon first listen. "Alive 2007" has to be the best live dance record ever. From the concept, to the mixing (of all three LPs) to the visual production, blown away.

  5. "I got somethin' that makes me wanna shout. I got somethin' that tells me what it's all about". What would YOUR world be like if you heard your voice EVERYWHERE. Your vocals and music sampled across damn near every genre of music. The two-bar loop of "Funky Drummer" is the reason drum & bass and subsequent genres exist. Alien civilizations 1000 years from now will bump "Cold Sweat" at their dance parties because it's STILL that good. Timeless; incredible.

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    Mind Altering Demented Lessons In Beats. Mr. Jackson WILL be in the same sentence as James Yancey, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, etc, etc. when all is said and done. HIs volume of work is overwhelming. The Beat Konducta; The Loop Digga.

  7. "I be the #1 chosen just to keep you open to rip your thoughts; I got your brain frozen" The livest MC to grace the microphone. Notice I said LIVEST, not best. Best is subjective. He's simply prolific year after year

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    I HATED this band when I was a young man. I chose to hate on the whole rap/rock genre which 311 was unfortunately lumped into. They are so much more. Decades worth of funky grooves and space-cake-esque vibes. Critically shit-upon "Transistor" is the standout album. "Grassroots" being my runner-up.

  9. I knew from way back in the early days of Beatport that this man was special. When I heard "Dr. Funkenstein", I nearly lost it. I KNEW the blend of electro and progressive would take off. His sound in 2012 is better than ever. Kicks that pound deep and basslines that rumble your innards.

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  12. Global Underground 020: Singapore...the mixset that sparked my desire to mix records.

  13. Miles, miles, miles.

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    Although Digweed had his paws in the cookie jar, "Renaissance" is simply an outstanding record. Bleeding tracks into one another with a consistent purpose is what I most. Track selection is boss.

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