Favorite Artists

By Nutti Nutti
updated 3 months ago

My favorite artists from past decades. These guys I listen to over and over again. I own a lot of their records, but not necessarily everything. I have a modest collection of 250 cds. I've converted all of that into FLAC format and listen 24bit/96khz upscaled using pro equipment. I may be a bit fanatic about some of these artists, but not all :)

Here's the scale I use to rate music and films. I try to be objective and consider all aspects. I sometimes write short reviews here.

5.0 / 90 - exceptional
4.5 / 80 - very good
4.0 / 70 - good
3.5 / 60 - fair
3.0 / 50 - average
2.5 / 40 - weak
2.0 / 30 - bad
1.5 / 20 - very bad
1.0 / 10 - trash

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    Wolfram Spyra is currently my favorite artist. He's from Germany and does synthesizer music in "Berlin School style". Spyra has released over 30 albums. I never get tired of his albums. There's a story how I discovered him, as he is very much "under the radar". About ten years ago I downloaded a collection of space music from the internet, it was some sort of radio show that had 1000 tracks. I listened through all of that. Spyra was the one artist that stuck out of it, with his very personal and melodic sequencer music. That's how I got to know him and started buying his records. The rest is history. I own all of his albums!

  2. Livingston Taylor

    Livingston, or Liv like they call him, is brother to James Taylor. So that's how I discovered him :) That was a long time ago. I think it was around 1995 when I first heard his first record - Livingston Taylor. It was an odd record but I couldn't stop. Through the years I've picked all of his albums, often ordering from exotic places on the internet. He is quirky! There's no other like Livingston with his unique charm and finger-picking, mellow melodies and daydream lyrics. He is one positive guy. He's played over 4000 gigs, amazing! He's also a professor.

  3. Vangelis

    His real name is Evangelos Papathanassiou, I can spell it out from my memory. He is the legend. A giant of synthesizer music. The big man from Greece. He's done 50 albums in his lifetime. Some of those records were soundtracks to films such as Blade Runner, Antarctica, 1492 - Conquest of Paradise and many others. Other albums were simply unique artistic visions for instrumental synthesizer music. He played all his music by hand, recording it on the fly, often utilizing multiple keyboards at the same time! One can only hope to achieve his level of mastery :) He mastered the analog and the digital. I own every album ofcourse.

  4. Armin van Buuren

    Armin used to be my favorite trance artist, with the hugely successful ASOT = A State Of Trance series, but I haven't been following him lately. His output has become too commercial and hard-core for my taste and he's lost some of that unique artistry that was present in his younger days. I feel like he's continuing just for the money. I still absolutely loved the Club Embrace record from 2016. How much of that was really done by Armin I don't know :) He probably has an army of producers in-house doing tracks for him. I'm selective about him, I'm not into his artist albums. He's best as a mixer and a DJ.

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    André Tanneberger is from Germany. He's a popular trance and eurodance artist. He also does beautiful instrumental music that you can hear on his later double albums. He's obviously a very hard working man, producing top albums one after another. Such beautiful music although I'm selective of his output. I often delete many tracks on his albums, but I enjoy all of the rest. This guy divides the opinion, others hate him while others love. That's usually a sign that there is something truly good about the artist :) Go figure.

  6. Ben Taylor (2)

    Ben Taylor is a singer-songwriter like his famous father James Taylor. Ben's style is unique. His albums are well thought over. He sings a lot about relationships, but I don't let that bother me :) So far he's done six records plus some minor things. His first album remains shelved, the one he did back in 1997 for Work Group label. It has never been released. Ben - please - you should just release it :) Everyone would absolutely love to hear Green Dragon, Name A Fox! Ben is quite experimental in his music and albums. But he's also easy to approach.

  7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy

    Bonnie is the total odd-ball indie songwriter from America. He has a unique captivating voice and a certain simplicity to his music with rich evocative lyrics. He often plays with a band, or quite many bands infact, but he also does tracks using only his voice and a guitar. He's done atleast 20 albums so far, excluding the plentious live recordings and EPs. Mesmerizing personality out of his time. He sounds like no other musician during this digital age that we're living. Yet he's very modern. He's also done acting in quite a few films.

  8. James Taylor (2)

    The quintessential singer-songwriter of the 70's. And the 80's, 90's, 00's. James Taylor is a legend. The man with his guitar and warm soothing voice. Telling us stories from faraway places. Playing seemingly endless concert tours. Releasing albums one after another. Always top notch quality. I first heard his first record - James Taylor - at age 16. Didn't think much of it but I liked it. Forget about him but rediscovered later and started collecting his works one by one. Often riding my bicycle through various libraries in town and record stores. Then carefully recording the LPs on tape. We were living in the 90's after all. What an artist! Superb. I've listened to him so much I'm a bit done :) But I'll sneak back from time to time.

  9. Jean-Michel Jarre

    The synth guru from France everyone knows about. He was controversial in his earlier days and divided the opinion. Some people openly laughed at his music as being silly. But time has proven he's a master of the craft. I do like his records but there is a little something that itches. The albums are a bit uneven. Many could have been better or just slightly different. That's the feeling I often get. Maybe I'm too serious about Jean-Michel, while he might not be so serious himself. Still one of the top synthesizer guys producing lots of fantastic music in his own unique blend of sounds. He's been on it for five decades and I wish he'll be around for one more.

  10. Joni Mitchell

    The accomplished singer-songwriter from Canada. She is the one artist that made the biggest impression on me, with her out-of-this-world angel voice and unusual guitar chords. First heard her on the Wild Things Run Fast album when I was 16. Thought nothing of it. Later rediscovered her on the album Blue that struct like psychosis. It was this being sent from heaven singing in such melancholy, beauty and soul it was totally unheard of. I started collecting her records one by one, until I arrived at the last one some decade later. What a ride! So many styles and all executed so well. There isn't anyone else like her. She's in a class of her own. But I'm through with her, totally. It's history. Almost. Lol.

  11. Kraftwerk

    Everyone knows Kraftwerk, right? The original electronic music group from 70's Germany that showed us the future of music. Singing about autobahns, robots and computers. They were first a fusion jazz band. Did you know that? Their first three albums are quite different (first album as Organisation). But where did these guys disappear? Many has wondered. I suppose they got paralyzed by their fame and didn't want to spoil their legacy. I believe they could have made many more albums. This band didn't take itself too serious, until they did and quit. Thanks anyway for all the fun kling-klang music. I can't make up my mind whether I like them more in english or german language :) I even like Tour de France, eh.

  12. Norah Jones

    I've listened to many female artists throughout the years such as Melanie, Kate Bush, Ian Van Dahl, Carly Simon, Madonna and others. But I don't own much of their records. Norah Jones however I do own four of her albums. So I guess I have to mention her. She is good. She has good bands to back her up :) How much of it comes from her own pen I don't really know. But she is definately a talented singer and player. Her soft jazz pop albums are darn nice to listen to. Full of youthful dreamy songs. What's there not to like about? Maybe her style a bit limited but she's got plenty of years ahead - so let's see what future holds.

  13. Takagi Masakatsu

    Takagi is my latest discovery. I heard the album "Eating" some years ago, but thought nothing of it. Somehow I got back to it later and saw that he was quite unique. So I searched the internet for more and so far have ordered 12 albums :) He seemed interesting and is indeed very good. The soundtrack for "The Boy and the Beast" animated movie is darn beautiful amongst many others. He's from Japan and seems to do live concerts and video art. Very promising and competent artist that has already done many albums. He does instrumental music mostly, using a mixture of digital and analog, such as pianos, drums and orchestra. Some albums have guest singers. Give Masakatsu a listen.

  14. Röyksopp

    The electronica duo from land of the trolls, Norway. Not a super duper fan of their music, but I do have all of their records. I think they are pretty good and I get back to their albums a lot. There's enough variation which is good. These guys are self-learned musicians which is proof anyone can do it with enough persistence and practise. It must be the long winters and bad weather that keeps them inside making music. Better than watching television I guess. They invented a new style of electronic music during the 00's. I don't know what's it called. People invent all these funny genre names. Oh, what ever. They do good music!

  15. Pat Metheny

    Pat is my favorite jazz artist. One could say he's a gifted guitar player :) Some of his records are darn awesome. He's made a lot of stuff and plays a lot of concerts. Being a jazz musician must be hard. I don't think there's a lot of money in it. And you have to practise every day. Must hurt the brain in the long haul. I would never have the patience. Pat plays a lot with a trusted combo of musicians. It's nice to see their concert videos, that's the best stuff in my opinion. Actually, I don't own anything from Pat yet. Surprised? But perhaps later.

  16. Iron Maiden

    My favorite heavy metal band :) These guys are workhorses and awesome. Churning out albums one after another and doing thousands of concerts. Everyone knows Iron Maiden anyway so what am I even babling about. They are gifted. They are from U.K. They've got balls. They can laugh to themselves. I must be one rare guy having instantly recognized that the album "No Prayer For The Dying" was a self-parody. Brilliant self-parody. I think all of their albums are good, even those with Blaze Bayley. They only mixed Bayley's vocals too silent on those two albums. He was good. Paul Di'Anno was good. Bruce is God. Amazing band, though it was mostly a teenage thing for me. Fancy the memories.