Favorite Hip Hop Albums

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A list by a real fan of rap music.

  1. The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better

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    One of the most underrated rapper of his generation and definitely THE most underrated hip hop album of all time. Before his dramatic accident, this man had a unique flow which could easily compete with rappers from the other side such as Rakim or Big Daddy Kane. "Portrait of a masterpiece" is what a compare to tracks like "Raw" or "Lyrics of fury", composed of a fluid speed flow with technical rhymes. "It's funky enough" is sooooooo funky, "No one can do it better" is in my opinion the track that perfectly shows his ability to change his rapping style and adapt it to the rhythm and the beat. "The Formula" is the best song of this album, nothing more to say but just incredible. "D.O.C. & The Doctor" and "Beautiful But Deadly" are the rock songs of the album, and still dope beats from Dr.Dre. "Mind Blowin'" is the first song i listened from D.O.C, i still remember how i was amazed by second verse. "Grande finalé" is just a track that demonstrates he was better than all NWA members. It's not a surprise him and Ice Cube wrote the group lyrics.

  2. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory

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    The best Alternative Rap album of all time. What I especially love in this work is the consistency that reflects itself througout the album. There are no useless skits or irrelevant songs as we could see from other 1990s album. This whole thing has a real structure, every track has his right place. This is the ultimate jazz-rap album but don't get me wrong, the beats from Ali Shaheed Muhammad are great as much as the lyrics from Tip and Phife. These ones have their own style and there is a real alchemy between them on the mic. "Check the Rhime", "Scenario", "Jazz (we've got)" are the five-stars songs but "Verses from the abstract", "buggin' out", "Vibes and stuff", "Everything is fair", "The infamous date rape" are great too;

  3. Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

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    Do i really have to explain anything, i don't thing so, just listen to "Louder Than a Bomb", "Rebel Without A Pause", "Night Of The Living Baseheads" and you'll understand why!

  4. Gang Starr - Hard To Earn

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    Huge Gang Starr fan! I love Guru's monotone style. His lyrics are always meaningful. Premier's beats are perfectly synced with Guru's voice throughout the whole album. "Mass Appeal" is just one of these classic songs that makes you miss the 90s. The featuring are great, especially when Jeru is on the track. "Mostly the voice" is a truthful song that shows us how boring are a lot of MCs in these days.

    Other good tracks: All tracks if you don't consider the skit.

  5. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother

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    You don't have it, what a shame! This is a pure east coast classic. The perfect chemistry between a great DJ/Producer/emcee (Pete Rock) and one of the most underrated emcee of all time (C.L. Smooth).

  6. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

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    Another classic by ATCQ after the two first albums. Dope beats as usual. I wished Phife would have more than one solo track (8 million Story) 'cause he's incredible on the mic. "Midnight", "Stir it up" and "Clap your hands", "God lives through" are my favorite songs.

  7. 2Pac - Me Against The World

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    This is a particular album because Tupac is experiencing new instrumentals. This work is more serious than "Strictly 4 my N.IG.G.A.Z", better structured and much less political violent than "2pacalypse now". As if he gained a lot of maturity and wisdom since that night he got shot and robbed, this is a new Pac which themes are more focused on death , fear of death ("If I die 2nite", "Death around the corner"), his youth ("young niggaz"), nostalgia ("Old school"), jail ("It ain't easy"), and God ("Lord Knows"). The production is great, "Dear mama" and "So many Tears" are obviously the famous ones but "Fuck the world", "Heavy in the game" (with Richie Rich as the only album guest), "Me against the world" and "Outlaw" are also dope. Another classic work showing us this man could reach the top even while he was locked in a cell.

  8. Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity

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    I don't have any words to describe this album

    "Make your mind up": One of the best songs in hip hop history"

  9. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP

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    Definitely his best work. This album arrived at a time he was not as much mainstream as we can see now. There wasn't any pop star to denaturalize this true masterpiece. no Pink, no Rihanna, no Skylar Grey. The only female voice we could hear was from the beautiful "stan" and that was accurate! Eminem at his best, in term of flow, technique and production. He was the best rapper at that time and he still is. Except the excellent "The Eminem Show" and the anticipated "Relapse", he has never done any equivalent project since. "The Marshall Mathers LP" is the perfect album that shows us his ultimate virtuosity and capacity to deliver technical rhymes, his ironic, humorous and sometimes aggressive lyrics."The way i am" and "The real Slim Shady" are in my opinion the best songs of the album.
    other good tracks : "I'm back", "Kill you", "Marshall Mathers", "Criminal".

  10. Organized Konfusion - Stress (The Extinction Agenda)

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    When i think about some of these duos which each member complete the other (Das EFX, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Talib Kweli & Mos Def, Outkast, Gang Starr for example), one of the names that come out immediately in my mind is Organized Konfusion. This underground alternative rap duo is simply one of the most innovative I've ever listened to. Pharoahe Monch is just the most accomplished technician of rhymes since G Rap. Even Eminem mentioned him as a source of inspiration. It can be hard for any other rapper to follow Monch style but Prince Po is the exception, always at his best.This album is their best work but I also do like their first solo release.

    If you have never heard about "Stray Bullet", "Bring It On","The Extinction Agenda" or even "Prisoners Of War", "Releasing Hypnotical Gases", "The Rough Side Of Town" (from the first album), then you know nothing about rap music and I suggest you to revise your classics.

  11. Das EFX - Dead Serious

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    What a debut!!! Nobody has ever been able to follow their style, this is why they were unique in the game. The greatest duo of all time.

  12. Mos Def - Black On Both Sides

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    Mos Def used to have an incredible and innovative flow. His best album without any doubt. It also introduces Mos Def as a singer on few tracks ("Rock 'N' Roll", "Climb", "Umi Said"). The songs featuring guests are all incredible ("Do It Now" with Busta Rhymes, "Know That" with his Black Star partner Talib Kweli, "Mista Nigga" with Q-Tip). Mos Def sometimes remind me of some Pharoahe Monch by his incredible ability to adapt his flow with any rhythmic change, "Brooklyn" is a best example of it. Just check out this verse from the best track of the album: "Hip Hop"

    "[...] I'm high, low, east, west
    All over your map
    I'm getting big props, with this thing called hip hop
    Where you can either get paid or get shot
    When your product in stock
    The fair-weather friends flock
    When your chart position drop
    Then the phone calls....
    Chill for a minute
    Let's see who else hot
    Snatch your shelf spot
    Don't gas yourself ock
    The industry just a better built cell block
    A long way from the shell tops
    And the bells that L rocked (rock, rock, rock, rock...) "

    Other good tracks: "Miss fat booty", "Speed Law", "Habitat", "Mathematics".

  13. Eminem - The Eminem Show

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    Eminem more politic, more hardcore: "Square Dance", "White America"
    Amazing performance on a single song: " 'Till I Collapse".
    "Without Me" is even better than "The real Slim Shady"
    Other dope tracks: "Soldier", "Business", "Say Goodbye Hollywood", "Sing For The Moment"
    Good guests by Obie Trice and D12: "Drips", "When the music stops"

  14. Pharoahe Monch - Internal Affairs

    15 For Sale from $5.00

    The most technically gifted rapper in the history

  15. Ice-T - O.G. Original Gangster

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    If James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, Ice-T is the Godfather of Gangsta Rap

  16. Gang Starr - The Ownerz

    23 For Sale from $4.00

    The beautiful conclusion of a great discography.

  17. Ice-T - The Iceberg (Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say)

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    I discovered rap music thanks to Ice-T, so it's a great honour for me to put this album down here.

  18. Nas - Illmatic

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    It ain't hard to tell" is what i call a perfect rap song, like "the Formula", "Rebel without a cause", "Mic checka". I can listen to this song at least 5 time a day. Another fantastic song is "Half Time" : nostalgia and great lyrics. Great productions from Pete Rock, Q-Tip, DJ Premier and Large Professor.

    "Nas, I analyze, drop a jewel, inhale from the L
    School a fool well, you feel it like Braille, it ain't hard to tell
    I kick a skill like Shaquille holds a pill
    Vocabulary spills I'm Ill plus Matic
    I freak beats, slam it like Iron Sheik
    Jam like a Tec with correct techniques
    This rhythmatic explosion is what your frame of mind has chosen
    I'll leave your brain stimulated, niggas is frozen
    Speak with criminal slang, begin like a violin
    End like Leviathan, it's deep, well let me try again..."
    It Ain't Hard To Tell

  19. Ice Cube - Death Certificate

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    When it comes to pick an Ice Cube album, you have only choice between his three first albums. Except "Lethal Injection" which remains a good album, everything that came after is garbage. I think "Death Certificate" is a perfect picture if you want a global idea of these three albums. The album is as political-hardcore as the previous "Amerikkka's most wanted" and most consistent than the next "Predator". I personally perceived more anger from Ice Cube that is unleashed throughout the album. Plus how can't i mention "No Vaseline" which is one of the most agressive diss song i've ever heard.

  20. Dr. Dre - The Chronic

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    The apex of the G-Funk era. This is what you can expect from a man who hire D.O.C and RBX as ghostwriters. What makes this album so particular is the incredible participation of a lot of artists such as DPG (Daz and Kurupt), RBX, Buckshick Will, Warren G, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg. But most importantly, Snoop Dogg is a true main ingredient for "The Chronic". The only track i don't like is the diss song "Dre Day" which I still don't understand why it's been released as a single. The best song is obviously "Nuthin' but a G thang" by far.

  21. Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

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    The beats on this album are very similar to both "Liquid Sword" and "Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx". But don't get me wrong, i really do think this album is more accomplished than any of their solos or group albums. ODB is craaazy, Method Man is ...Method Man, Ghostface in my opinion has the best flow, energetic and powerful, RZA (great production) has a weird style but undeniably effective, GZA (most easily recognizable voice) and Rae will have the most successful later solo albums of the group, Inspectah Deck is also dope. So you have all these elements mixed on this single product, all you can expect is a unforgettable classic debut. "Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'", "Protect Ya Neck" and "Method Man" are my favorite tracks.

  22. 2Pac - All Eyez On Me

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    wow!! where to begin with this double album, maybe with the first track itself, "Ambitionz az a ridah" and the tenth "Only God can judge me" which are both in my opinion one of the best Pac tracks ever. These lines from "Only God can judge me" are just deep and terrifying:
    "I hear the doctor standing over me
    Screaming I can make it
    Got a body full of bullet holes laying here naked
    Still I can't breathe, something's evil in my IV
    Cause everytime I breathe, I think they killing me
    I'm having nightmares, homicidal fantasies
    I wake up stranglin', danglin' my bed sheets
    I call the nurse cause it hurts, to reminisce
    How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss"

    I don't know what was going on through his mind when he wrote "I ain't mad at cha" but the fate showed us that it was a more than a premonitory song. "Life goes on" sounds like the epilogue of his tribute- memory songs, initiated with "How long will they mourn me" (Thug Life, vol 1) and followed by "So many tears" (Me against he world).

    Then you have the no less impressive featured songs, "All eyez on me" (featuring Big Syke) which the same instrumentals has been used by Nas on "Street Dreams", "Got My Mind Made Up" (featuring Method,Red and DPG, they all killed it!!!), "2 of Amerikaz most wanted" (featuring Snoop Dogg), "Ratha be ya Nigga" (featuring Richie Rich with his nonchalant but still effective flow), "Picture me rollin'" (ft CPO & Big Syke), "Check out time" (ft Syke and Kurupt), "When we ride" and "Tradin' War Stories" (featuring Outlawz), "Skandalouz" (great songs with great chorus by Nate Dogg and great production by Daz).

    "Holla at me" is full of subliminal references of events that occurred in his life. "No more pain" is a real hardcore song with glacial atmosphere, slow and frightening chorus, powerful rhymes. "Heartz of men" is the third five stars track, i can listen to it over and over again.

    "Can't c me" and the remix of "California Love" are the G-Funk songs of this album (which demonstrate how rich and complete it is).

  23. Slick Rick - The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick

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    The first album from one of the greatest lyricist and storyteller of all time. I love the way Slick Rick sounds clearly, spelling every of his words rightfully to make them well understood. The combo "Treat Her Like A Prostitute", "The Ruler's Back", "Children's Story" is just excellent. I think he was ahead of his time especially because of this so unique style.

    Other great tracks: "Let's get crazy", "Hey Young World", "Teacher, Teacher"

  24. Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary

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    At ten you're fucked
    At nine you suck
    At eight you're a sucker
    At seven-a mothafucka
    At six you're slapped
    At five you're just wacked
    At four you're lost
    At three, you're just soft
    At two you're an ass
    At one, you're a dick
    But before you slip, I'll whip
    Cuz homeboy, ya slippin' " Ya Slippin'

    That's how the 'teacher' deliver his verses.

    Legendary tracks: "Stop the violence", "My philosophy", "I'm Still #1", "Part time sucker".

    This is a masterpiece.

  25. 2Pac - 2Pacalypse Now

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    For those who thing Pac style has always been what we've seen on his last work, i strongly suggest them to listen to 2pacalypse Now. This is his first effort and also the one to which he shows his political thoughts, his violent and aggressive side (1991, his vision of what is going on his society. All sensitive subjects in America society are treated in this album (Racism, Prison, Prostitution, Police brutality...). First, check the incredible fluid and technique flow on "Young Black Male" and "Something Wicked" (single multisyllabic verses).

    "Attacking the packs, I'm kicking the facts for stacks to rap
    And those that max, relax and let the blacks get jacks
    I'm getting taxed, my packs is packed with angry blacks" Something Wicked

    That was before he left his young 19 voice to adopt a style more conventional.

    "Brenda's got a baby" is in my opinion THE best song Pac has ever done. It's much better than "Keep ya head up", deeper and more realistic. What make this song so great is that Pac tells the whole Brenda story in one single verse, this create something like a tension which increase crescendo with the beats and the lyrics that make the song sadder.
    Pac use this process on "Violent" another song that deserve a particular attention. Even though the track is composed by three verses, the same technique is used to create that impression of everything getting worse and worse.
    "Soulja's story" is the third that shows us his ultimate skills on the mic (Interpreting two different characters).
    I used to think this album consecrate 2pac as a great lyricist and innovative rapper. "If my homies calls" is the festive but no less delightful song. "Tha Lunatic" remind me of some old school classics, from the beats to the lyrics.

    "Trapped", "I don't give a fuck" and the meaningful "Words of wisdom" are the other great political songs.