Favorite Labels

By ParagonV01D ParagonV01D
updated 24 days ago

Labels I generally trust to release quality material, meaning that if I see the label associated I'll likely pick an album up whether I'm familiar with the artist or not. Notes include the primary genres the labels specialize in, or at least the bulk of what I look to that label for, though most of these have a few oddball releases outside of the noted genres. If there's an inactive label here (there are a few), then that means I'm still trying to work my way through their catalog.

  1. Ad Noiseam

    Breakcore / IDM / Rhythmic Noise

  2. Aesthetic Death Records

    Black Metal / Doom Metal / Industrial / Noise

  3. Agipunk

    Crust Punk / Hardcore

  4. Agonia Records

    Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal

  5. Ahnstern

    Sub-label of Steinklang Industries

  6. The Ajna Offensive

    Black Metal / Experimental

  7. Alfa Matrix

    EBM / Electro-Industrial / Synthpop

  8. Ant-Zen

    IDM / Rhythmic Noise
    Sub-labels: Hymen Records

  9. Apparitia Recordings

    Black Metal
    Sub-label of Drakkar Productions

  10. Aural Hypnox

    Dark Ambient

  11. BadMoodMan Music

    Black Metal / Death Metal / Doom Metal
    Sub-label of Solitude Productions

  12. Bat-Cave Productions

    Darkwave / Gothic Rock / Post-Punk

  13. Black Plagve

    Dark Ambient / Industrial / Noise
    Sub-label of Malignant Records

  14. Blood Harvest

    Death Metal

  15. Bloodshot Records

    Alt-Country / Cowpunk / Rockabilly

  16. Bones Brigade


  17. Butchered Records

    Black Metal / Death Metal
    Sub-label of Sevared Records

  18. Cock Rock Disco

    Breakcore / IDM

  19. Cold Meat Industry

    Dark Ambient / Industrial / Neofolk / Noise

  20. Cold Spring

    Dark Ambient / Experimental / Industrial / Neofolk / Noise

  21. Comatose Music

    Death Metal

  22. Crimes Against Humanity Records

    Crust Punk / Grindcore / Hardcore