Favorite Samples In Electronic Music

By psyance_QL
updated 4 months ago

Either them being obvious or subtle and regardless of their origin, here I gather all the samples that I like in electronic music.

  1. 13 For Sale from $9.90

    The track Bountyhunter samples two sentences from the original version of the movie The Empire Strikes Back: "Vader's giving him to the bounty hunter." (Lando Calrissian talking) followed by "What if he doesn't survive?" (Boba Fett talking).

  2. 14 For Sale from $34.65

    Bonzai Channel One samples "Having Fun" by T. La Rock.

  3. 3 For Sale from $29.69

    Demilitared Zone by DJ Bountyhunter samples the lines "Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound, he's left Crete, he's entered the demilitarized zone" and "Oh you going straight to hell for that one" from the movie Good Morning Vietnam.

  4. 21 For Sale from $17.98

    Turkich Bazar samples lyrics from the poem "Black Polished Chrome" which appears on the Doors album "An American Prayer".

  5. 13 For Sale from $8.99

    A1 ("Sega") samples the bootscreen voice as well as the jump sound from the Sega Mega Drive game Sonic the Hedgehog.

  6. 37 For Sale from $2.87

    Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Mix) vocal intro is sampled from "Woman Gotta Have It" by Jimmy Riley.

  7. 11 For Sale from $10.00

    The speech is from Jesus (played by Willem Dafoe) in "The Last Temptation of Christ".

  8. 3 For Sale from $11.22

    A1 and A2 sample vocals from "Runway" by Snow.

  9. 20 For Sale from $9.89

    Braincracking (B2) samples "Brain Crack" by Tracy Bonham.

  10. 10 For Sale from $20.00

    "Orgy XXX" samples "Miss Broadway" by Belle Epoque.

  11. 8 For Sale from $2.96

    Samples "You Fooled Around" by Sister Sledge.

  12. 5 For Sale from $17.87

    "Work Dat Body" samples "Homecomputer" and "It's More Fun To Compute" by Kraftwerk.

    "Get Your Duke On" also samples "Homecomputer".

  13. 49 For Sale from $2.07

    The bass in "Samba Magic" is sampled from "Samba De Flora" by Airto.

  14. 3 For Sale from $6.82

    The bass in "S.A.D. Part 4" is sampled from "Samba De Flora" by Airto.

  15. 3 For Sale from $29.60

    B2 uses samples from "Action '78" by The Erotic Drum Band.