Favorite band

By mackan69 mackan69
updated over 5 years ago

My top 10 bands that have influenced me not necessary in the exact order if someone out there cares :)

  1. Nazareth (2)

    Dan the man do i need to say more ?

  2. Motörhead

    Trick question LEMMY IS GOD

  3. 3



    With Ace and Vinnie.

  4. 4



    Hajdi hado hajdi More Metal to the people

  5. The Exploited

    The Clash is not Punk this is,

  6. Cock Sparrer

    If you like fotball beer fighting this is it

  7. Mötley Crüe

    Mötley crüe the band that changed so many little kids on their way to be nice boys.
    After ive seen Liwe wire on a Tv show in Sweden called Norrsken hosted by Anders Tegner i undersstood:

    NICE BOYS DONT PLAY ROCK N ROLL (or get the pretty girls)

  8. The Cult

    Electric in my opinion in the top ten records of all times.

  9. Faster Pussycat

    This is Attitude in music at its best.

  10. Megadeth

    Fuck Mettallica Fuck James.
    Dave is da shit....