Favorite bands/group acts

By pandoras_aquarium pandoras_aquarium
updated over 4 years ago

Bands I love, a definitive list

  1. Garbage

    Gateway album: Garbage; beautifulGarbage
    Best album: Garbage; Strange Little Birds

  2. Slowdive

    Gateway album: Souvlaki
    Best album: Souvlaki; Slowdive

  3. No Doubt

    Gateway album: The Singles 1992-2003
    Best album: Tragic Kingdom; Rock Steady; Push and Shove

  4. Red House Painters

    Gateway album: Red House Painters (I)
    Best album: Red House Painters (I); Songs for a Blue Guitar

  5. that dog.

    Gateway album: Retreat from the Sun
    Best album: that dog.; Retreat from the Sun

  6. Pizzicato Five

    Gateway album: Made in USA
    Best album: Belissima!; This Year's Girl; Sweet Pizzicato Five; Overdose

  7. Soulwax

    Gateway album: Any Minute Now
    Best album: Much Against Everyone's Advice

  8. Cibo Matto

    Gateway album: Viva! La Woman
    Best album: Viva! La Woman; Stereo Type A

  9. Haim (2)

    Gateway album: Days Are Gone
    Best album: Something to Tell You

  10. 10



    Gateway album: Winks & Kisses (Crackled)
    Best album: The Battle of Sealand

  11. 11



    Gateway album: Frigid Stars
    Best album: Frigid Stars

  12. Everything But The Girl

    Gateway album: The Language of Life; Temperamental
    Best album: Walking Wounded

  13. 13



    Gateway album: Gala
    Best album: Spooky

  14. 14



    Gateway album: Spiderland
    Best album: Spiderland

  15. Best Coast

    Gateway album: Best Coast
    Best album: California Nights

  16. LCD Soundsystem

    Gateway album: LCD Soundsystem
    Best album: This Is Happening

  17. Foo Fighters

    Gateway album: The Colour and the Shape
    Best album: Wasting Light

  18. 18



    Gateway album: The Platinum Collection
    Best album: A Night At The Opera

  19. 19



    Gateway album: Nevermind
    Best album: In Utero

  20. 20



    Gateway album: Transaction de Novo
    Best album: Transaction de Novo

  21. Greek Fire

    Gateway album: Deus Ex Machina
    Best album: Lost

  22. Monster Movie

    Gateway album: Last Night Something Happened
    Best album: Last Night Something Happened; All Lost

  23. Deee-Lite

    Gateway album: The Very Best of Deee-Lite
    Best album: Infinity Within; Dewdrops In The Garden

  24. Hole (2)

    Gateway album: Live Through This
    Best album: Live Through This

  25. 25



    Gateway album: Promise
    Best album: Promise; Love Deluxe