Favourite Albums

By mrrhombuss mrrhombuss
updated over 3 years ago

A list of my favourite albums <3
Everything with score 9+ is shown first, and ranked loosely.

  1. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)


    A musical masterpiece that's difficult to describe. Through the wild improvisation and free composition, catchy riffs, and haunting tonal qualities, the music feels like it's speaking from a different dimension.

  2. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds


    Intricately composed, arranged, and layered with an extremely colorful range of textures and timbres. It is an album that sends a strong message that pop music can be complex, dynamic, experimental, and yet still create a sound of mass appeal. This will most likely be my #1 album that I will take inspiration from when writing pop music.

  3. Death Grips - The Money Store


    The successful blend of hip hop, glitchy electronics, and hardcore punk whilst maintaining a pop sensibility turns this album into a unique portrayal of insanity, paranoia and darkness.