Favourite Artists

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The artists that have inspired me, moved me and given me countless hours of enjoyment. Each of these artists have been with me through the best of times and the worst. Some of have done so from beyond the grave whilst others are thankfully still releasing some of the best music of their careers. Some are from my era, most of them aren't. Each of them I love for very specific reasons, but I love them all dearly, to the point were my life would be poorer without them.

  1. Simon & Garfunkel

    Paul Simon is an exceptional songwriter. Art Garfunkel is an exceptional singer. Their harmonizing was exceptional. See the pattern here? They're an exceptional duo. Their music takes me someplace else which is something very few artists can do. In my humble opinion, Paul Simon was the greatest songwriter of the 60s - yes, even ahead of Lennon/McCartney.

    Favourite album: A tie between Bookends and Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

  2. Joy Division

    An incredible band who could have released years of brilliant music if it wasn't for Ian Curtis' tragic suicide. Although with events unfolding as they did we got the equally fantastic New Order - clouds and silver linings spring to mind. In 2011 after watching their brilliant Something Else performance of Transmission I saw their brilliance. I've never looked back!

    Favourite albums: Both are fantastic, but Unknown Pleasures just edges it purely because of the production

  3. Nirvana

    In my early teens I was a synth-head (I still am) who didn't really listen to rock at all. Too heavy for me. Plus in Nirvana's case there was the song 'Rape Me', the title alone enough to scare me away. Fast forward to when I was 18 and musically more open minded. My love of electronic music was still there but my tastes were expanding and becoming increasingly eclectic. One day, a friend decided to send me some of her favourite Nirvana songs, starting with 'Scentless Apprentice'. I loved them and immediately tried out Nevermind. Then, I was hooked. A few days later I watched their Unplugged performance for the first time which forevermore cemented Nirvana in my top 10 artists ever.

    Favourite album: Nevermind - though Bleach is a very close 2nd

  4. Michael Jackson

    Because at his peak you can't deny he was one of the greatest live performers of all time. And he's certainly the best male solo pop star who ever lived. I'm not a big fan of his early Motown solo albums but from Off The Wall onwards he was tremendous. His later work was very good too, it's just a shame that it was overlooked in favor of tabloid gossip in the later part of his life.

    Favourite albums: Off The Wall & Thriller. .

  5. Madonna

    My favourite female solo artist. I became a fan thanks to her Confessions On A Dancefloor album which I first heard in 2006. What I love about Madonna is the sheer variety of her music. She really makes each album its own unique era, extending beyond music to the point were each album will have its own distinct imagery. It makes being a Madonna fan exciting and never dull.

    Favourite albums: Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray Of Light.

  6. New Order

    An incredible band, formed out of the tragic demise of another equally great band (Joy Division). They're so good that Blue Monday - undeniable classic that it is - isn't even their best song. I could name you at least five New Order songs that I much prefer. Never have dance music and rocked blended together so well. Even the departure of Peter Hook hasn't derailed them - their latest album, Music Complete, is their best since their 80s work.

    Favourite albums: Technique and Power, Corruption & Lies

  7. Pet Shop Boys

    The best synthpop/electronic act ever in my humble opinion. They're also one of the best British bands ever too. Far from being just music to dance to, they're as intelligent as it comes and it's hard to think of a better songwriter in pop or electronic music than Neil Tennant.

    Favourite albums: Behavior and Very.

  8. The Stone Roses

    Blame The Stone Roses and Factory Records for cementing my love of Mancunian music. They're famed - quite rightly - for releasing one of the best debut albums of all time. Their only other album to date was far better than a lot of people give it credit for too. Now that they've reunited can we finally have the third one please?

    Favourite album: The Stone Roses.

  9. Happy Mondays

    A very underrated group with a lot more muscianship than you'd think. The rough, jagged twisted disco meets baggy sound totally contrasted with the sweet flower-pop of Stone Roses. Underneath the borderline thuggish delivery are some great lyrics though.

    Favourite album: Pills N Thrills and Bellyaches.

  10. Paul Simon

    His solo work has been so consistently great that it deserves its own spot on this list. It was also as a solo artist that I first discovered Paul Simon. I became a fan through albums such as Graceland and The Rhythm Of The Saints. He's my favourite male solo artist of all time. His songwriting is simply beyond words. He wrote so many incredible songs for Simon & Garfunkel alone that he'd still be one of the greats even if he had retired following their breakup. But what a loss to the music world that would have been! Thankfully he's released 11 solo albums since that and blessed us with many more wonderful songs. I never thought I'd get the chance to do so, so seeing him live in April 2015 remains one of the greatest days of my life.

  11. The Clash

    It goes something like this: It's 2012, I'm 18 and disgruntled. I'm starting to take more and more of an active interest in politics and social causes etc.Consequently, I begin having an interest in 70s punk and where better to start than with the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Sex Pistols? Great but they don't completely speak to me. And then... I listen To Clash. Enter Joe Strummer's lyrics and my life will never be the same again. Hello to my new favourite rock group of all time. Until a few years later, when they would be joined by...

    Favourite album: Combat Rock

  12. 22

    The Who

    The Who

    .. this lot. The Who are the newest additions to this list.I actually discovered them after watching their Glastonbury 2015 performance (on the TV). I'm very late to the party, I know, I know, but as a 21 year old female I'm hardly the sort of person you'd expect to be a Who a fan either. Most people seem shocked when they discover I'm a massive Who fan. Alas, that's what I became when Glastonbury impressed me so much out of the blue that I listened to the double disc version of The Who Hits 50! the next day. The sheer depth and variety completely knocked me out and I realized then what a genius of a songwriter/composer Pete Townshend actually is. I ended up buying all of their studio albums in three weeks, which is the quickest I've ever bought a complete studio albums discography. And they now have pride of place along with The Clash as my favourite rock group ever (oh to have seen that joint US tour both bands did in 1982...). Why the !%@& did it take so long for me to start listening to them...?

    Favourite album: Tommy or Who's Next. At a push, Tommy.