Favourite Hardcore DJ's/Artists/Labels & Events

By John_Galbraith John_Galbraith
updated about 1 year ago

A collection of my favourite Old Skool Hardcore clubs, events, DJ's, artists and labels.

It's getting constantly updated so what you see listed here thus far is in no way exhaustive. Keep checking back.

If anyone is reading this and has any Old Skool Scottish Hardcore tapes for sale then please drop me an e-mail and get in touch - thanks.

  1. Nosebleed Mixtapes

    Excellent Scottish Hardcore club/event from the mid-90's.

    They sometimes ran events in conjunction with other organisations such as Dream FM, Labyrinth, Bloody Fist, Industrial Strength and Essential Platinum.

    Located at CJ's Rosyth it closed down but recently re-opened and there's been a couple of reunion type events including the likes of Neophyte, Lenny Dee, The Producer and DJ Smurf.

    Just about every DJ and PA/act you can imagine played there at it's peak ...

    Suicide Squad, Ruffneck Alliance, Bass-X, Casio Brothers, ASR, System-X, Ultimate Illusion, Kootzak Klan, Bloody Fist, Nasenbluten, Syndicate, Active Force, Chill FM, Dymension, Human Resource, Ultra Violence, Temper Tantrum, Scott Brown, Marc Smith, Ruffneck, DJ The Producer, Brisk, Scorpio, DJ Vortex, Bass Generator, Technotrance, DJ Ten, DJ Obsession, DJ Smurf, Chosen Few, Lenny Dee, Manu Le Malin, Simon Underground, Skeeta, The Diplomat, The Aggressor, Timo Maas, Torgull, Egg Bam Yasi, M-Zone, Mark EG, Mark N, Neophyte, Paul Elstak, DJ Dano, Hixxy, Alchemist, DJ Stompy, Dreamstate, DJ Gollum, DJ Vibes, DJ FX, Force & Styles, DJ Demo, DJ Selector, DJ Slick, DJ Fusion, DJ Excel, Jackhammer, Loftgroover, HMS, Sharkey, Ribbz, Jappo, DJ Impact, Jaydee, Delta Nine, DJ Freak, Wargroover, Clarkee, Rob Gee, Ralphie Dee, Davie Forbes, DJ A-Trax, VinylJunkie, Mark McClaughlin, DJ Sass, DJ Elevation, DJ Q, Dolphin & 3-Dom.

  2. The Fubar Club

    Another Old Skool Scottish Hardcore club.

    Probably the most well-known venue from the 90's - the world famous Fubar Club.

    Martin Langer (DJ Obsession) was the resident DJ and responsible for a lot of the promotion and booking for the events. They had a lot of exciting events in conjunction with Thunderdome, Forze Records, Notorious Vinyl, Judgement Day/Bass Generator Records, M8 Magazine, Massive Respect Records, Bonzai Records, Awesome 101, Pure Adrenalin, Tom Wilson's Tartan Techno, Non-Stop Promotions, Moist Club, Industrial Strength, Bassline Magazine (Northern Ireland), Dance Concept, Fantazia and Equinox/Trancid.

    Aside from the popular Hardcore nights they had a successful House room too which showcased some top House talent like Seb Fontaine, Pete Burns, Pete Wardman, Tony De Vit, Pete Tong and Parks & Wilson.

    It's difficult to think of a Hardcore DJ or PA/act that hadn't played here during the 90's. You name it, they've played here ...

    Bodylotion, Ruffneck Alliance, Neurotek, Bass-X, QFX, Q-Tex, DyeWitness, Cytronix, New Frontier, Shades Of Rhythm, Sonar Zone, Dream Frequency, Bass Reaction, Chill FM, Ultra Sonic, Active Force, Ultimate Buzz, Dance Overdose, Revelation, DOA, Lovelife, System-X, Dymension, TTF, Bass Reaction, Ultimate Illusion, Siren City, Karma, The Rhythmic State, De-Viation Crew, ASR, Techno Too, Outer Rhythm, Inner Vision, Inner Seduction, New Atlantic, Rhythm Reality, Dance Overdose, D-Tox, MIC, Genetik, Lord Of Hardcore, Dream Your Dream, Massive, The Prodigy, Lomas, DJ Sonar, DJ Demand, Paul Elstak, Neophyte, DJ Petrov, Darrien Kelly, Lenny Dee, Ralphie Dee, Rob Gee, DJ Guido, The Nightraver, Ruffneck, DJ Reyes, DJ Rage, DJ Infiltrator, Nicky Modlin, The Producer, Scorpio, Bass Generator, Ryan Campbell, Technotrance, Scott Brown, DJ Obsession, Jackhammer, Chub Kray, DJ Ten, DJ FX, DJ Smurf, DJ Tizer, DJ Binman, DJ X-Ray, DJ Scott, Slipmatt, DJ Vibes, Force & Styles, Colin Dale, DJ SS, Billy Bunter, Dougal, Hixxy, The Doctor, Mikey B, ZBD, Loftgroover, Easygroove, DJ Excel, DJ Kreator, Grooverider, Marc Smith, GT Sampler, Renegade & Static, Brisk, Mark EG, Paddy Frazer, Davie Forbes, Ramos & Supreme, Robbie Long, Sy, Tom Wilson, Full Effect, Joe Deacon, Billy Reid, Trevor Reilly, George Bowie, David Holmes, Westbam, DJ Adrian, Alan Tait, DJ Sass, Stevie Kerr, DJ Seduction, DJ Christian, Crosby, Tony Montgomery, DJ KMC, DJ Dell, The Rhythm King, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo.

    They also had their own record label and shop.

  3. Non-Stop Promotions

    Top quality Scottish promoters. Based in Lanarkshire in the 90's.

    They put on a series of top Hardcore events all over Scotland (mostly the West and Central Belt) using venues such as The Fubar, Motherwell Civic Centre, The Tunnel, The Tuxedo Princess, Royal Highland Showground and various events in Northern Ireland.

    I remember hearing that Scott Brown even lent them his very own Technics for their first ever event.

    Not all rumours are good, though. I remember years ago a guy telling me that some of the mix-tape releases that were meant to be studio mixes (not the live event mixes) were done by himself who was a small time bedroom DJ and Non-Stop would put a big name DJ on the tape cover. Not cool, if true that is.

    Their varied line-up's included DJ's and live act's such as ..

    Scooter, Neurotek, DyeWitness, Ultra Sonic, Bass-X, Q-Tex, QFX, Essential Platinum PA, Bass Generator & Technotrance PA, Tiny Tot, Active Force, System-X, NR-Getik, Lovelife, Casio Brothers, Ultimate Illusion, The Rhythmic State, The Party Animals, Chill FM, D-Tox, Suburban Delay, Ultimate Buzz, Dymension, Massive, Force & Styles, Hixxy, Vinylgroover, DJ Vibes, Trixxy, Slipmatt, The Doctor, DJ Excel, Marc Smith, Mark McGlaughlin, DJ Adrian, Alan Tait, Billy Reid, Joe Deacon, Tom Wilson, DJ Demo, Davie Forbes, DJ Ten, Scott Brown, DJ Stan, Paul Elstak, Bass Generator, Technotrance, DJ Demand, Brisk, George Bowie, Trevor Reilly, DJ Obsession, Sy & Unknown, The Nightraver, Dougal, Billy Bunter, Ramos & Supreme, Dave Murray, DJ FX, DJ Christian, Paddy Frazer, Nicky Modlin, Eddie Wray, DJ Tizer, Renegade & Static, Waxman, Placid-K & Lenny Dee.

  4. Bass Generator Records

    Newcastle based record label run by Bass Generator which also hosted the Judgement Day rave events.

    The label in the 90's released Happy Hardcore, Bouncy Techno and Gabber tracks from artists such as Gordon Tennant/Water Pistol, Davie Forbes, Active Force, Technotrance, DJ Obsession, ASR, MIC, Ryan Campbell/Cytronix, Technopia, Scott Brown/Genetik/Lord Of Hardcore, Neurotek, DJ Excel, Ultimate Illusion and M-Zone.

    The Judgement Day events were sometimes held in conjunction with other organisations such as The Fubar, Dance Concept, Slammin' Vinyl, Club Kinetic, Nosebleed, Bonkers Albums and Fusion. These events were usually held in the Newcastle Student Union but there was also events held at Rockshots, The Fubar, The Bunker, Royal Highland Centre, After Dark and The Colosseum.

    The various DJ's and act's included :

    Rotterdam Terror Corps, Ruffneck Alliance, Source Code, DyeWitness, Dance Overdose, Cytronix, Deathchant Records PA, Hyperact, Human Resource, Neophyte, DJ XD, Lenny Dee, Bass-D & King Matthew, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, DJ Waxweazle, Chosen Few, The Nightraver, Delta Nine, DJ Tron, DJ Tense, Mark N, Syndicate, Overcast, Laurent Ho, Ralphie Dee, Joey Beltram, CJ Bolland, DJ Confusion, Carl Cox, DJ Distortion, The Producer, DJ Freak, Scorpio, Dolphin, DJ Smurf, DJ Sass, DJ Rage, Hellfish, Sharkey, Dougal, M-Zone, Mark EG, Loftgroover, HMS, DJ Selector, Smartie, Rob S, DJ UEP, X-Ecute, DJ Delirium, Nosferatu, Simon Underground, Doom Creator, DJ Terror, Demolition Man & Mister P, DJ Erupt, DJ Scott, DJ NRG, DJ Sonar, DJ Charlie, DJ Trouble, Code Red, DJ Reactor, Full Effect, DJ Bouncin', DJ Climax, DJ Command, Daz Williot, The Aggressor, Sticky Fingers, Technopia, Cytronix, ASR, Innervision, Ultimate Illusion, Ultimate Buzz, Rhythm Response, Bass Reaction, Ultra Sonic, Hyper Go-Go, Rhythm Quest, Q-Tex, QFX, Chill FM, Active Force, Bass-X, System-X, The Prodigy, NR-Getik, Marc Smith, DJ Dream, DJ Kid, Scott Brown, DJ Ten, DJ FX, DJ Gemini, Tom Wilson, DJ Obsession, Technotrance, DJ Excel, DJ Demand, Hixxy, Brisk, Clarkee, Sy & Unknown, DJ Vibes, Slipmatt, DJ Stompy, Force & Styles, Adrian Street, DJ Morris, Lomas, Topgroove, DJ Psycho, Jason Bushby, Mikey B, Aztek, Reanimator, Crazy-G, GT-Sampler, DJ Attack, Selector C, Billy Reid, DJ KMC, DJ SS, Groverider, DJ Dell, DJ Paddy, Easygroove, Joe Deacon, Passive & Cally/GSI, Mastervibe, Alan Tait, Davie Forbes & DJ Menace.

  5. The Metro

    Another 90's Scottish Hardcore/Old Skool Rave club.

    It closed for Rave's first time round either late 97 or early 98 - in the early 2000's it briefly ran some Old Skool nights but it turned out to be nothing more than a fad and the events dried up again.

    It had some memorable nights which included a Helter Skelter tour, Hardcore Heaven tour, M8 Magazine award night, Mokum Showcase event and the Bonkers 2 launch party.

    Resident DJ/booker/promoter was Joe Deacon but the following DJ's and act's also appeared at the club ...

    Bass Generator, Billy Reid, Mikey B, Tom Wilson, Scott Brown, Eddie Wray, Trevor Reilly, Davie Forbes, Marc Smith, Mark McLaughlin, Technotrance, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, DJ Dano, DJ Seduction, DJ Christian, Hixxy, DJ Tizer, DJ Stompy, Sy, Brisk, Active Force, DyeWitness, The Nightraver, Paul Elstak, Bass-X, QFX, Ultra Sonic, Q-Tex, Ruffneck Alliance, Chill FM, The Rhythmic State, Ultimate Buzz, Neurotek, Casio Brothers.

  6. MC Cyclone

    Scotland's best MC in my opinion.

    Performed at events such as Rezerection, Nightmare In Rotterdam and Judgement Day.

    Had a residency at Hangar-13 in Ayr and also The Metro in Saltcoats.

    Formed the group Active Force with Davie Forbes and released tracks on Evolution Gold, Bass Generator Records, Forze, KORE, Mid-Town, Screwdriver, Clubscene and Punisher.

  7. Hanger 13

    Old Skool Scottish Hardcore/Rave club from the early to mid-90's based in Ayr.

    Closed it's doors in early 1995 mainly due to being made a scapegoat for a couple of drug related deaths.

    While it was active and open for business the artists and acts included ...

    TTF, Dream Frequency, QFX, Q-Tex, Ramirez, Dance Overdose, Ultra Sonic, New Atlantic, Transformer 2, The Prodigy, Active Force, FKW, DyeWitness, Holy Noise, Force Mass Motion, N-Joi, DJ's Unite, The Rhythmic State, Paul Elstak, The Nightraver, Trevor Reilly, DJ Seduction, Tom Wilson, Bass Generator, D-Tox, Mikey B, Loftgroover, De-Viation Crew, Bass Reaction, Scott Brown, Darrian Kelly.

  8. Marc Smith

    Easily Scotland's most talented Hardcore DJ.

    Played at just about every single venue, event and organisation throughout the UK.

    Notable Scottish events include Rezerection, Fubar, Dance Concept, Fusion, Nosebleed, Hangar 13, The Metro, Heaven, Tuxedo Princess, The Tunnel, The Arches, Tin Pan Alley, Holocaust, The Bunker whilst other notable UK events include The Colosseum, Judgement Day, Uproar, Hardcore Till' I Die, Hardcore Heaven, Fusion, Dreamscape, Vibealite, Disztruxshion, Uprising aswell as every top venue/event in Northern Ireland.

    His Notorious Vinyl record shop in Glasgow in the mid-90's supplied Glasgow DJ's with their Hardcore needs. Specialised in imported Hardcore from the top labels - Ruffneck, Rotterdam Records, BabyBoom, Dwarf, Terror Traxx etc.

    His Notorious Vinyl brand also has a record label (now producing UK Hardcore) and he has also produced tracks for Evolution Records, Mainframe, Federation, DATA, Bonkerz, Nu Energy, Jumpin' Pumpin', Clubscene, Homegrown, React, Shoop, Happy Trax and Hectic.

  9. Rezerection

    The Daddy of them all !

    Famous for it's large scale Hardcore events at the Royal Highland Showground/Centre in Edinburgh (although it started off in the North of England and ran some smaller events in Newcastle and Cumbria)

    There was 2 single vinyl releases to their name (1 in conjunction with Scott Brown's Evolution Records) that included tracks and remixes by Scott Brown, Billy Bunter, D'Zyne, GT Sampler, Paul Elstak and Ramos & Supreme.

    The name was bought over by Jon Campbell from TTF a few years ago and an attempted re-brand was made (and flopped) - less said about that the better. Some things are best left alone.

    Impressive list of UK-based and foreign acts and artists included ...

    Marc Smith, Scott Brown, Bass Generator, Technotrance, Mikey B, DJ Ten, DJ FX, DJ Obsession, Davie Forbes, Dave Murray, Tom Wilson, Billy Reid, DJ Dell, Paddy Frazer, Hixxy, M-Zone, Mark EG, DJ Vibes, Sy, Brisk, Slipmatt, Ramos & Supreme, The Producer, Scorpio, Force & Styles, Clarkee, Sharkey, DJ Demand, DJ Seduction, DJ Rap, Grooverider, DJ SS, Colin Dale, Colin Favor, GTO, Marie Chantal, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Lenny Dee, Adam X, Omar Santana, Paul Elstak, DJ Gizmo, The Darkraver, Westbam, Tanith, Neophyte, Ruffneck, Ralphie Dee, Dougal, Jeff Mills, Darrien Kelly, Tango & Cash, DJ Rob, DJ Petrov, Dave Angel, Miss Djax, Joey Beltram, CJ Bolland, Tin Tin Out, Randall, DJ Hype, Mrs Wood, Blue Peter, DJ Pilgrim, Trevor Rockcliffe, Derrick May, Frank De Wulf, Easygroove, Stu Allan, Tasha, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Manu Le Malin, DJ Dano, DJ Pavo, DJ Noizer, D'Zyne, Billy Bunter, DJ Face, De-V8, Mach One, Craig Walsh, DJ KMC, DJ Kid, Egg Bam Yasi, HMS, DJ Excel, George Bowie, Mark McLaughlin, Just Wiliam, Colin Tevendale, Rob Gee, Michael Kilkie, Trevor Reilly, Rob Leiner, Jumpin' Jack Frost, Andy Carroll, Evil Eddie Richards, The Music Maker, DJ Scott, Daz Saund, GT Sampler, James Brolly, Percy X, Moby, Top Buzz, DJ Druid, Billy Kiltie, Doc Scott, Ratty, DJ Pleasure, Yoshi, Gareth Sommerville, Sunset Regime, Rob Tissera, LTJ Bukem, Chris Liberator, Micky Finn, DJ Lars, DJ Panic, Ruffneck Alliance, Q-Tex, Bass-X, Bodylotion, Ultra Sonic, Ultimate Buzz, DyeWitness, Active Force, QFX, Dyme Brothers, The Rhythmic State, Dance Overdose, Massive, Human Resource, Ace The Space, Bizarre Inc, Opus III, Love Decade, D-Tox, Bass Reaction, N-Joi, Carl Cox Concept, Suburban Delay, Neurotek, Hyperact, Dansatak, Terrorize, The Prodigy, The Rat Park, Sons Of A Loop Da Loop Era, New Atlantic, Digital Boy, 4 Tune Fairytales, Ultimate Illusion, Shades Of Rhythm, The Deviation Crew, Bassheads, Inner Seduction & Kinetic Pleasure.

  10. Bass Generator

    Another Hardcore legend.

    There were questions raised about his mixing abilities which were legitimate but regardless of that he was always regarded as one of the top, most popular Hardcore DJ's in the scene and rightly so.

    Not afraid to push boundaries or really mix it up in a set. An average set would see him play Italian chart stuff from the likes of Capella or RAF and finish it with Rotterdam Gabber or Industrial Speedcore - even the odd House or Trance track thrown in for good measure.

    In the 90's he ran a successful record label Bass Generator Records and also the Judgement Day events which were mostly based in Newcastle and Scotland.

    He also owned two record shops - one in Newcastle and one in Edinburgh.

    I think he's semi-retired now and only coming out for the odd set at a special event or when the mood takes him.

    I remember reading (possibly M8 magazine) that up until that point (think it was late-90's) that he'd played at over 1000 events world-wide. Some of them would have included ...

    Deathrow Techno, North, Helter Skelter, Judgement Day, Club Kinetic, The Fubar, Nosebleed, After Dark, Uprising, Hardcore Heaven, Rezerection, The Colosseum, Hangar 13, The Metro, The Bunker, Fusion, Non-Stop Promotions' Events, Dance Concept, Disztruxhsion, Fantazia, Back To The Future, Awesome 101, Kelly's, Traks, Exit 15, Charlie Heggarty's.

  11. Ultra-Sonic

    Scotland's favourite PA from back in the day.

    They did a fantastic live show and produced some cracking tracks such as ... well no point even naming them as they were all great.

    They started to lose their way a bit in the late-90's when they started a new label 'USR' which stood for Ultra Sonic Research and the reformation of the band in the early-2000's with only one of the original 2 was pretty horrendous too. Again, some things are best left alone.

    But their contribution can't be forgotten and their entry into this list is well earned.

  12. Gordon Tennant

    An under-rated talent in the Hardcore scene.

    This Scottish producer produced a whole rack of top-class releases on his Jolly Roger & Jolly Roger Lite labels.

    He also DJ'd under the name of 'GT Sampler' and played a few notable gigs at Rezerection, The Fubar and Judgement Day but he's best known for his production work.

    He's produced tracks in conjunction with the likes of Technotrance & DJ FX and under guises such as Cheddar Zone, Technotribe, The Overlord, 12U, Trance 4 Motion, Water Pistol, Techno Terrier, The Arrival, Posiforce, Neon Tripper, Sandman, Speedy Joe, Supernova, Partizan, Nemisis and Total Confusion.

    He's been a part of bands and groups such as D-Tox, Aural 4 Play and Suburban Delay

    He has released further material on labels such as Bass Generator Records, Clubscene, Rezerection, Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger Lite, Dance Universe, Shoop and Terror Traxx

  13. 13

    Bass X

    Bass X

    Probably the number one Scottish PA in terms of quality releases. The band was made up mostly by Scott Brown and his brother Stewart.

    They might not have had the fancy visual stage shows the likes of Chill FM, Rotterdam Terror Corps, DyeWitness had but the music was second-to-none.

    Probably best known for their 'Hardcore Disco' release which has stemmed many remixes on labels such as Evolution Records, Shoop, Mohawk and Terror Traxx'

    DJ Seduction even did a cheeky rip-off of it called 'Disco Hardcore' on his Impact record label to get his own back for Scott Brown ripping off his DJ's Unite track for the 'E-Creation' track. All in good fun, I'm sure.

    Released tracks on Screwdriver, Shoop, Terror Traxx, Evolution Records, Evolution Plus, Bouncy Techno and Twisted Vinyl.

  14. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo

    Well-known Dutch DJ/production duo.

    Produced many classic anthems ranging from Happy Hardcore to Gabber and even some ridiculously good Hard Trance on their Master Maximum Trance Traxx label.

    They were so popular/unpopular that Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet got commissioned off ID&T to release a track under the guise of 'Rave Parade' called 'Fuck Charly Lownoise Mental Theo' ... reasons for it aren't clear and there's some variations of the tracks name. I'm guessing it might be something to do with producing Gabber then moving into the Happy Hardcore market as Paul Elstak got a hard time in the mid-90's for doing likewise - although this is just a guess.

    As DJ's they played at some notable events in the UK and Holland - they included ...

    Doncaster Warehouse, The Fubar, Rezerection, The Metro, Judgement Day, The Bridge, Defqon 1, Mindcontroller, Mysteryland and Pussy Lounge amongst many more.

  15. Scott Brown

    Quite simply the best Hardcore producer EVER.

    Not even a debate about it. No contest.

    Could turn his hand to anything - Happy Hardcore, Rotterdam, Bouncy Techno, New Style Gabber, UK Hardcore even Hard Trance.

    I'm not a fan of his newer work from around the 2000's onward but his contribution to the Hardcore scene from 1993 until late 90's can't be forgotten.

    Producing tracks and remixes on labels such as Evolution Records, Evolution Gold, Evolution Plus, Evolved, Twisted Vinyl, Screwdriver, Shoop, Dance Unite, Mainframe, Federation, Notorious Vinyl, Bass Generator Records, Clubscene, Corrosion, Bouncy Techno, Rezerection, 23rd Precinct, Next Generation, Happy Trax, UK Dance, Quosh, Homegrown, Blatant Beats, Masterwax, Relentless Vinyl, Vinyl Momentum, Terror Traxx, Rotterdam Records, Forze, BabyBoom, Dwarf, Inferno, European Hardcore United, Goblins, Gizmania-X, Bzrk, Traxtorm, Fog Area, Slip, Neophyte Records, Sound Asylum, Supreme Music, Mokum, ID&T, Go Mental, Offensive Records, Pont Aeri, Megarave, Masters Of Hardcore, Remix Reloaded, Raver Baby, Essential Platinum 2002, Hardcore Masif, 24-7 Hardcore, Hardcore Underground, Lethal Theory, Kniteforce and All Around The World.

    With his tracks licensed to Central Rock, Central Station, X-Que, BIT Music, Uptempo, Mid-Town, Blanco Y' Negro, Steel Wheel & Polydor.

    and in groups/PA's Deviation Crew, Kinetic Pleasure, Bass-X, Hyperact, Q-Tex, Bass Reaction, Dansatak, Analogue, Interstate, Sub Source..

    and under various guises such as Lord Of Hardcore, Annihilator, The Scotchman, Gentik, Mr Brown, SP12, Trance Fiction, DJ Equazion, Firestarter, Genaside, Hardcore Authority, Hardware, New Style Anarchists and Punisher.

    Played at every major event in the UK and abroad past and present - you name it ..

    Fubar, Judgement Day, Nosebleed, Rezerection, The Bunker, Non-Stop Promotions, The Metro, Hangar 13, After Dark, The Colosseum, Club Kinetic, Southern Exposure, Kelly's, Exit 15, Traks, Helter Skelter, Labyrinth, Dreamscape, Hardcore Heaven, Slammin' Vinyl, Hyperbolic, Uproar, Hardcore Till' I Die, Raver Baby, United Dance, Fusion, North, Uprising, Dizstruxhion, Nightmare In Rotterdam, Dance To Eden, Megarave, Ghost Town, Masters Of Hardcore, Mindcontroller, Club Number One, Fantazia, Back To The Future, Pont Aeri amongst many, many, many others.

  16. Evolution Records

    Scott Brown's own label - the main source for his Bouncy Techno output from the 90's.

    The majority of the releases are instantly recognisable with even a lot of hidden gems as B-sides, too.

    In keeping with the new UK Hardcore sound it (in my opinion) fell by the wayside in the late 90's although some of the tunes from 1998 were superb - Super Sharp Beatz, Healing Mind, I Don't Need Nobody, Feel The Beat etc.

  17. Clubscene Records

    A good 90's Scottish dance label. Specialising in Hardcore but also released charty, Italian and House tracks, too.

    They had a good core of production talent on retainer to produce tracks for them such as Ultra Sonic, DJ Ten, Ultimate Buzz and Marc Smith.

    Other notable producers and remixers for the label included Dance Overdose, Suburban Delay, Dymension, Scott Brown, Rimini, Davie Forbes & MC Cyclone/Active Force, Future Nation, Audio Code, DJ Sass, The Rhythmic State, Headcase, Tom Wilson & Euphony.

    They had a few off-shoot labels, these included Fire Island, Academy Street, Pressure Trax, Annihilator Records, EuroZone, Resonance and Voodoo Vinyl.

  18. Ruffneck Records

    So advanced and ahead of it's time. A lot of the Ruffneck releases sound as fresh today as the day they were released.

    The original 'Art-Core' sound that later appeared on labels like Mokum and inspired Cenobite.

    It's a shame that the distribution company fucked them over and basically stole their brand name and trademarks from under the nose of DJ Ruffneck. The scene was the real loser IMO.

    Beautiful sounds.

  19. Rotterdam Records

    The main label in the big umbrella of them from Mid-Town.

    Classic Dutch Hardcore sounds from Paul Elstak.

    Some of the most famous artists in the Dutch Hardcore scene and wider-Europe have produced tracks on Rotterdam Records.

    Paul Elstak, Neophyte, Lenny Dee, Joey Beltram, DJ Rob, Sperminator, Euromasters, The Stunned Guys, Short Circuit, Rotterdam Termination Source, Sperminator, General Noise, The Headbanger, Holy Noise, Bald Terror, Evil Manix, Too Hostile/Omar Santana, Evil Activities, The Masochist, DJ Niel, Ruffian, The Viper, Kristof, Elite Forces, Nosferatu, The Playah, Ophidian, Na Goyah, Proto X, Ruffneck, DJ Panic.

  20. Davie Forbes

    A very under-rated DJ IMO.

    Played at all the major events in Scotland and the UK such as Fusion, The Fubar, Nosebleed, Rezerection, Judgement Day, Hangar 13, The Metro, Non-Stop Promotions events, Uprising and The Colosseum.

    Including his work with Active Force he produced tracks on labels such as Clubscene, KORE, Evolution Gold, Screwdriver, Twisted Vinyl, Happy Trax, Punisher, Happy Tunes/Techno Tunes, BabyBoom, Rave Records, Bass Generator Records and Uprising Trance.

    He's now a big name in the Trance scene and still plays the odd Old Skool/Hardcore set from time-to-time.

  21. 21



    As far as cheesier DJ's go Hixxy is one I quite liked.

    I liked him because he didn't always stick to generic Happy Hardcore set's that a lot of the big name Happy Hardcore DJ's did in the 90's.

    Hixxy played a variety in sets - even playing some Gabber on Ruffneck and Rotterdam Records to Makina and some Tunnel/EDM/Spaceflower Hard Trance in the late-90's.

    Responsible for the Toytown anthem he produced and remixed on other labels such as Essential Platinum, Happy Tunes, Evolution Records, Happy Jack, Hecttech, Stormtrooper/Return Of The Vibe, Extatic, Bounce, Legendary, Raver Baby, B-Trax, Nuffin' But Noize, Jelly Baby, Raw Elements, Infexious Audio, Quosh, Recycled, 24-7 Hardcore, RSR, Pure Adrenalin, Universal.

    Aswell as playing at all major raves in England he was popular in Scotland playing regular at The Fubar, Non-Stop events, Rezerection, The Metro and Nosebleed.

  22. 22



    Really under-rated English Hardcore promotion/event.

    Specialising in Gabber, Hard Techno and Hard Trance. Run by DJ Vortex.

    Nights were held at The Void in Stoke On Trent but they done a few tours including one at the home of Nosebleed in Scotland 'Visions'

    The best of the best played at North. This included the likes of :

    Scott Brown, The Producer, Scorpio, Mark EG, M-Zone, Bass Generator, DJ Rage, DJ Vortex, Manu Le Malin, HMS, Loftgroover, Easygroove, Dolphin, 3-Dom, Lomas, Drokz, Tailz, Sharkey, DJ Ribbz, The Aggressor, DJ Menace, DJ Smurf, DJ Freak, Wargroover, Clarkee, Akira, Tieum, Tugie, Teknoist, Addiction, DJ Promo, The Vizitor, DJ Q, Simon Underground, DJ Tones, Deathmachine, Total Output, Mastervibe, DJ Randy, Ramos, Juice & Cally, DJ Distorter, DJ Sass, The Executioners, Brisk, Lenny Dee, Overcast, Mark N, Radium, Xylocaine, Chris Liberator, The Speedfreak, Speedy Q, Dave The Drummer, Marco Cucchia, DJ Tox, Joy Kitikonti, Hellfish, Skeeta, Traffik, Wee Lee, DJ Rascal, DJ Enigma, Siege, DJ Fergus, Jon Connor, Orpheus, Uberdruck, The Destroyer, Kev Energy, The Crow and DJ Beneye.

  23. Lenny Dee

    Nothing I can say can do this man any additional justice. The true Godfather for the Hardcore scene - worldwide.

    I literally don't think there's a developed country anywhere in the world he's not played in.

    In the UK you could have been forgiven for thinking he was based here as he appeared to hold residencies and play somewhere here every week - Judgement Day, Fubar, Nosebleed, Rezerection, North, Helter Skelter, Deathrow Techno - you name it.

    Owner of Industrial Strength Records from New York City which was a pioneer of the Hardcore Techno sound in the very early 90's and spun fantastic off-shot labels such as Ruff Beats.

    I'm going to stop there as I could literally be typing for weeks and as I said at the start nothing I can say could do him anymore justice ...

  24. Terror Traxx

    One of my favourite ever Hardcore labels.

    The earlier stuff was fantastic but it sadly lost it's way from late 1996 onward with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 releases.

    Another label from the Mid-Town umbrella it had guys like Ferry Corsten's early Hardcore material before turning to Trance and had the likes of Dance Overdose, Nightraver, E-Wax, Scott Brown, Darrien Kelly, Lenny Dee, DJ Waxweazle, Paul Elstak, Omar Santana, Neophyte, Bodylotion, The Stunned Guys, The Viper, Too Fast For Mellow, Bass Reaction, Bass-D & King Matthew, Attic & Stylzz all produce tracks for the label in various guises.

    Something for everyone on this label - even if you like some tastefully done Happy Hardcore.

  25. 25



    So many complexities to this one I'm struggling to think where to start.

    Personally responsible for the Thunderdome releases that no doubt got a lot of people in Holland even wider Europe into Hardcore/Gabber.

    From that they appeared to branch out into various Hardcore projects creating labels such as Pengo, Waxweazle Records, Aussie Records, Dreamteam Productions, Bzrk, Bad Vibes, European Rave Records, Hard Attack, Hellsound and Test Crash. There's no doubt many many more but that's just some from the top of my head.

    On top of the labels they appeared to give producers/DJ's retainers to run and be responsible for the labels outputs - Buzz Fuzz for Bzrk, The Prophet for Test Crash, DJ Waxweazle for Waxweazle Records, Gizmo, Dano, The Prophet and Buzz Fuzz for Dreamteam Productions etc.

    In the late 90's when the Hardcore/Gabber scene was on it's backside they turned their attention to the Trance/Hard Dance scene getting involved with guys like Rank 1, Tiesto and Marco V and doing many projects with them.

    The Thunderdome series appears to be on it's way back again. Time will tell if it's a money-maker or something more long-term that they have in mind.