Favourite Producers (Real Names)

By LaCargo
updated over 2 years ago

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  1. [ES]
    In Groups: Attica, The New Iberican League, Sars

  2. [GER]
    Aliases: Cenith X

  3. [UK]
    Aliases: The Judas Coven
    In Groups: Aura Z, Beretta, Creed, Drum, Hyperwave, Lab 4, Luna Chique, The Mind Of God

  4. [GER]
    In Groups: Cosmix, Dee-Lay, Deep, Groovement, Just-Dis, Last Vision, Lost Image, Moray, Panama Girl, Pathfinder, Red Genius, SSL 9000, Techno Kixx, Trace Elliot, Trinity

  5. [IT]
    Aliases: Alzheimers, Brainbug, Corn On The Cob, Deep Deed, Drumscape, Evil Trax, Notator, Spaced Christ

  6. [ES]
    Aliases: Albert Neve, at
    In Groups: Area, Attica, Beat & Peter, Diego DJ, Division Barcelona, DJ's At Work, Fraktal, Free!!, Object One, Ocho, TNT, U.F.O.

  7. [IT]
    Aliases: Alex Plasma
    In Groups: Plasma Ravers, Plasmaboys, Plazmavort, The R3bels, R3zonance, Rim Shotters

  8. [GER]
    Aliases: DAM, Atrazin, B-Tronixx, Mass In Orbit, Nemesis
    In Groups: Adam & Glund, Discoplex, Double Concept, Materie, Mayhem, Ozean 7, P.E.X., S@d, Visionen, X-Fade

  9. [CA]
    Aliases: XLS
    In Groups: Aponaut

  10. [GER]
    Aliases: A. Buggle, A. Ninfa, AC 16, AC Beat, ac-music, Don Alesandro Vito, Dyyva, Eisensack Mc Ginty, Jasper Forks
    In Groups: Araja, Balloon, Beats 4 U, Chocolate, DJ Reverend, Joint Venture, Little Riddler, Love Message, Matiz / AC 16, Mystic Chord, Pech, Soulife, Space Club, U96, United Colours, Various Items, Wave Kid

  11. Alessandro Foietta
    In Groups: 3 Legs, Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young, Ariah, Arriva, Atlantis ITA, Cindy Laser, Fast, Loose Headz

  12. [GER]
    Aliases: Lexy, Mickey DueChamp
    In Groups: Die Raketen, Göpfrich & Gerlach, Hello Trouble, Kill Bros., Lexy & K-Paul, Møenster, Miami Black Palms, Niconé, S.M.A.R.T., Superfreund

  13. [GER]
    In Groups: Lightforce, X-Perience

  14. [GER]
    Aliases: AB, Alan Chappert, Alex Butcher, Bend Over, Bypass, Lexmatic, Sound To Light
    In Groups: Atex, But & Memo, Dance United, Der Verfall, Dos Amigos, Entropy, Flash, Klinisch Tot, Lexikon, Members Of Overdrive, Refine, Wintermücke

  15. [RU]
    Aliases: Popov

  16. [BE]
    Aliases: Alex Malonne, Alexander Skip, Balamou, Bulex, Colonel X, DJ Furax, Gepetto, Redshark, Room 40, Sirius, The, Xaruf
    In Groups: FVL, Hash, Metrotraxx, William Brothers

  17. [UK]
    Aliases: Alfy X, Elemental, Solar Scape, Technikal, Technikore
    In Groups: Bamford & Perris, Cloud Nine, Hardcore Masif, Masif DJ's, Pienaar & Bamford, Steve Hill vs Technikal

  18. [GER]
    In Groups:
    Aqualite, Binary Park, Cyclotron, Darkmen, Dungeon Keeper, Enfusion, Groove Monkeys, High On Dope, Human, Human Nature, M-T Nature, Next Fashion, Noise Control, Omega Experiment, Omnicron, Omniglobe, Ravers Paradise, Re-Move, Red Label, Tribal Techno, Worms, Xylon

  19. [CH]
    Aliases: Andy Mind, DJ Mind-X
    In Groups: A-N-A, Aqualab, F/X, Gate One Rockers, Harem Doctors, Karuma, Mind vs. Buzz, Moonrise, Shivago, The Sunseekers

  20. [GER]
    In Groups: 16C+, G-Park, Groove Park, Johnny Shaker, S. Jey & Andrew, Shandrew, Sharam, Stressman, Three 'N One, Tranquilizer

  21. [GER]
    Aliases: ATB, Daniel G. Sarr, Danny Lee, Delegate, Electric Gold, Joan Robinson, Naughty A.T., Niko T., Taylor
    In Groups: All In Vain, Beatmen, Bob Doope, Dance United, E.F.F., Farrago, Inferno DJs, Ironic Beat, Jades, Love And Fate, Sequential One, SQ-1, Trance Allstars, Unit 2, United Deejays For Central America

  22. [GER]
    Aliases: Captain DJ
    In Groups: 0190-666, (ex)666, A-Team, Activate, DJ Aikon, DJ Duck, DJ Phaser, E.L.A., Ex-It, House Train, Ibiza Sunrise, Nightwalkers, Rave Over Beethoven, T.O., Trance A 190, Trance Opera, Vamps

  23. [GER]
    Aliases: Moguai, Punx
    In Groups: B-Well, Club De Hippica, Con Colour, Echopark, Gipsy, Mach 1, Magoo Project, Sharp Display, Smoocha, The, Superfaktor, United Deejays For Central America

  24. [GER]
    Aliases: Alex Mendelovich, DJ Alex (7), Dualnok, Galactika, NOK, Ultra Nok
    In Groups: Archaik Labor, Cryptical Vibes, Esterian Project, Out Now

  25. [GER]
    Aliases: Andrew McCensit, DJ Wave, Lars Fevel
    In Groups: A-C-E, Astral Inc., B.E.T.A.-Unit, Cooky, Dream Culture, E-Cutz Crew, E.D.T., Essential Cuts Crew, Essential DJ-Team, John B. Norman, Nomination One, Rooky, Strings Of Harmony, Synchronic Minds