Favourite artists

By Ackaraga
updated 4 months ago

Favourite artists. The top 222 are in some kind of order, the rest are in another kind of order.

Mostly pop music with some classical, soul, folk, world, jazz, experimental, reggae, latin, etc. thrown in.

  1. The Archemedes of music, the cartographer of the musical universe.

  2. The greatest band that ever was or ever shall be, with a stranger-than-fiction story that will live forever in the annals of folklore.

  3. The most original musician of the rock 'n' roll era. The Picasso of music. Her golden run in the 70s is peerless.

  4. Sad sack hero and composer of the most exquisite melodies in human history.

  5. The man, basically. The most direct conduit of human thought directly translated to paper.

  6. British/Male artist of the decade: the 1970s. Creator of the longest run of great albums in pop music history (vaguely marred by a covers album mid-way through) and someone I have turned to for nigh-on 35 years now.

  7. The Bach of the 20th century, and another artist with a lifetime of discovery for us.

  8. The great American band. Made great albums up to about 1972.

  9. My second favourite English group, the Beatles of prog. From the Syd-era up to Animals.

  10. From Pat Booneish teen idol to existential crooner to explorer of sonic other-worlds, no one has a career trajectory like Scott. An artist with a capitol A.

  11. One of the great composers of the 20th century. Inventor of heaven's elevator music.

  12. Up to about 1973.

  13. One of the most extraordinary composers of popular song, along with...

  14. ...my favourite songwriter.

  15. A divine human being who made divine music.

  16. A lifetime of musical discovery is at your fingertips.

  17. The greatest melodist in the history of the known universe. A relatively low placing here because I personally find of much of his music to be very lightweight.

  18. The world's artist. I have a preference for his 1968-1973 period.

  19. Especially those early ballets, but also Symphony Of Psalms.

  20. Magician.

  21. The greatest rock star that ever was and ever will be.

  22. The other great American band, even though they were barely even a band.

  23. But don't confuse the art with the artist in this case.

  24. Discovered more of space than either Buzz Aldrin or Copernicus.

  25. The greatest artist in the world for a while there. In that little 1965-1966 period, he was the greatest artist who ever blew on a harmonica or wrote a rhyming couplet. Still hard to beat.