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updated about 9 hours ago

A list of female-fronted or All-Girl/Female-Bands i've stumbled upon. This is rather a mixed bag/grab bag than anything else but to me it's also a source of what to track down and not. (AG = All-Girl, FF = Female-fronted)

  1. The Textones

    L.A.-based PowerPop band.

  2. The Webb Sisters

    AG Very cool if you're into modern FLEETWOOD MAC. -- I still hear it hear it in my head now singing!

  3. The Belle Stars

    The Belle Stars were an all female British pop band, founded in London in 1980 by former members of The Bodysnatchers.

  4. The Deltones

    The Belle Stars

  5. The Bodysnatchers

    The Belle Stars

  6. Erocktica

    FF Stuff you find on lists...

  7. The Pandoras

    AG <3

  8. Violators (2)

    FF Great "UK82" - band releasing on the noted No Future-label.

  9. 12



    AG USA

  10. The Burns Sisters Band

    (AG = All-girl)

  11. American Girls

    USA 80's Pop/Rock.

  12. Lusthansa

    German New Wave.

  13. A.P.P.L.E.

    USA NY Peace Punk. Incredible vocalist.

  14. Fonda (2)

    USA. LA-based Indie rockers.

  15. Strange Boutique

    USA. DC-all-star group.

  16. Snap-Her

    USA. Punk rock. Hmmm...

  17. Luscious Jackson

    USA. NYC indie rock.

  18. The Epoxies

    USA. New Wave band from Portland, Or.