Finest CD albums of 2015

By Jazzual Jazzual
updated over 2 years ago

Great music is still being released on CD. Who needs downloads?

  1. Deepchord - Ultraviolet Music

    1 For Sale from $20.11

    Rod Modell surpassed himself again with this double album presenting the deepest exploration of dub techno and beyond. Works as well on the headphones as on the floor. Magnificent!

  2. Flanger - Lollopy Dripper

    12 For Sale from $8.99

    Veterans Uwe Schmidt and Bernt Freidmann seem to be getting better with age. Here they present a microprocessed take on experimental jazz. What could have sounded like a mess is a highly listenable album with bags of soul. Outstanding and criminally slept on.

  3. Vakula - A Voyage To Arcturus

    3 For Sale from $28.09

    A tour-de-force that takes in everything from krautrock to jazz-funk and lots of experimental points in-between. He blends the electronic and the acoustic like no one else. I'm really surprised this one has not appeared in more end of year lists.

  4. Floating Points - Elaenia

    An inventive acoustic rhythm section and intricately processed electronics create an album that explores the boundaries between jazz and electronica like no other. This guy is a real talent.

  5. St Germain - St Germain

    18 For Sale from $1.60

    Whereas his previous albums were based on club music with influences of blues and latin music the starting point here is African music with an electronic edge. His most musically accomplished album to date. Pure class.

  6. Sage Taylor - Raintime

    5 For Sale from $15.57

    An ambient reissue of the highest quality. Melodies are absent from many ambient albums but this one wears that musicality on it's sleeve with beautiful keys and the sounds of rainfall bringing it all together. Thanks to Lee at .txt for making it available again.

  7. Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol.3

    4 For Sale from $15.17

    The latest installment of this excellent series is Nicolai's most personal and intimate album to date. It's a warm, emotive record which really stands out against the usual austerity heard on Raster-Noton. Can't wait for the final two volumes.

  8. The Orb - Moonbuilding 2703 AD

    21 For Sale from $6.49

    The Orb went off my radar years ago although I always buy Thomas Felhmann's albums. This is a major return to form that gets me back on board. Dubby electronic music of the highest order from the veterans.

  9. Drøn - Comm

    3 For Sale from $12.00

    The 90's Idm sound is a real influence here. The ghosts of Autechre and early Black Dog are certainly in there but this is no mere copy. These guys have their own sound. Another great album on Carpe Sonum - the torch bearer for Fax records.

  10. Glenn Underground - Black Resurrection

    2015 saw a reissue of this hard to find album from 2004. Some of the most creative and soulful deep house you will hear from a producer who deserves more props.

  11. Autumn Of Communion - Autumn Of Communion 6

    4 For Sale from $40.45

    The end to the first phase of this outstanding ambient collaboration between Lee Norris and Mick Chillage. Three enveloping, long-form ambient tracks that could soothe anyones soul! They will be back in 2016.

  12. FP-Oner - 5

    6 For Sale from $15.00

    Fred P with another great deep house record. What it lacks in innovation it makes up in hypnotic depth with just enough dance floor bump to keep things interesting.

  13. Purl - Stillpoint

    4 For Sale from $70.22

    This is optimistic ambient for long summers. Supremely relaxing with the dubby edge that the excellent Silent Season label is known for.

  14. Mathew Jonson - Fabric 84

    18 For Sale from $5.18

    I'm including this as an album because everyone one of these tracks was either produced or remixed by the man himself. The set was recorded live at Fabric and presents his unique take on techno and house.

  15. Voices From The Lake - Live At Maxxi

    14 For Sale from $11.18

    The follow-up to their hypnotic debut finds the duo playing live in Rome's stunning Maxxi Theatre. This is a darker and at times more abstract affair. Great for late night headphone listening.

  16. John McLaughlin - Black Light

    12 For Sale from $9.09

    Jazz fusion legend McLaughlin is enjoying one of the most fruitful periods in his long career. Perhaps the fantastic musicians he is now working with have rekindled his creative juices.

  17. Benjamin Damage - Obsidian

    9 For Sale from $8.98

    A stand out techno album that balances the rough with the smooth perfectly. The final album release on the 50Weapons label.

  18. Model 500 - Digital Solutions

    12 For Sale from $7.30

    Juan Atkins returned with the third Model 500 album. Not an innovative record but a solid exploration of techno and electro that sounds fresh while paying a clear homage to the heritage of techno - much of it created by Juan himself.

  19. Regis - Manbait

    14 For Sale from $11.31

    The summation of where his sound is today. Rigid techno and the spirit of industrial and post-punk make for a album that must be enjoyed at high volume.

  20. Oscar Mulero - Muscle And Mind

    3 For Sale from $19.47

    Another tough techno session from the Spanish producer and DJ. Perhaps not quite at the level of his first two albums but this is still required listening for anyone into the darker side of the dancefloor.

  21. Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà - Holographic Codex

    8 For Sale from $13.99

    Lorenzo Montana is definitely taking his sound in more of an ambient direction and here he teamed up with the prolific and often inspired Alio Die. Deeply relaxing music to enhance meditative states.

  22. Cheikh Lô - Balbalou

    5 For Sale from $6.48

    Some of the most soulful and well produced music to come of of Africa for a very long time. He leaves big gaps between his albums but they are always worth the wait.